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I thought my 2013 Wedding Season concluded with Legrande and Kristy’s wedding but I was mistaken when I received an email from Michele checking on my availability for her wedding. Thankfully I was free and this was a fun wedding to shoot.

This was the first Jewish wedding ceremony I ever filmed and one of the great things about being a wedding professional is the exposure you get from filming different types of wedding ceremonies and traditions.  I enjoyed learning something new and being able to film this wedding was a great experience for me.

Michele and Ben were a great couple to work with and getting a chance to meet their family and friends made it better.  Michele asked that I walk around and try to get well wishes from her family and friends at the reception and normally guests are shy to talk to the camera, but not Michele and Ben’s guests.  All were willing to grab the mic and step in front the camera and wish the newlyweds their best.  It was wonderful and every interview spoke on how good Michele and Ben were as friends, as a brother and sister and just how good people they were.I enjoyed getting these soundbites and hearing them again during the edit process.

I can now say that my 2013 Wedding Season is now concluded with Michele and Ben and please enjoy their wedding montage above and can’t wait for my 2014 Wedding Year to start

I’ve always enjoyed going to parties.  Hanging out with family and friends with good food and drinks, what else can you ask for?  I attended a great party last week when I was asked to go to Charlene and Chris’ Surprise Engagement Party.  During my first meeting with Charlene and Chris, they knew they were going to have a Engagement Party but didn’t know when it would be.  Hence, the surprise party.


From the beginning, Charlene mentioned how important this party was to her.  Her entire Bridal Party, her parents, her future in-laws and step-daughter and her son would be there.  Just hearing her talk about them, I knew I had to be at the party to film and shoot it.  It was a great party with very good people.  I really enjoyed myself and it was fun times getting to know everyone there.  This is the first of many wedding activities for Charlene and Chris and I can’t wait to get them infront of the camera for their Engagement and Love Story Sessions.  They are scheduled to get married on February 15, 2014 at Magnolia Plantation.  To view more photos from the Party, please visit our Facebook page




Words can’t describe Allyce and Brady’s Wedding but I’m going to try in this blog post.  The one thing I remember Allyce and Brady telling me was that they wanted a fun wedding video and the fun started at the Rehearsal Dinner at Superior Grill.  It was one of the funniest rehearsal dinners I’ve been too and Brady’s twin brother Cory started the wedding activities right with an awesome best man speech.  You can view his speech at this link

Everything about Allyce and Brady’s Wedding was fun.  They were both laid back and calm throughout their prep and their wedding at Holy Name of Jesus was beautiful.  The reception was at the nearby Audubon Tea Room and continued the fun theme.  They had a photo booth which creates silliness and fun photos and had a band that just rocked the house.  I can’t say enough words how great Louisiana Spice was at the reception.  They totally rocked and I enjoyed working again with CheyAnne from Arte De Vie as she taking all her great photos.  Fun, that’s the one word that describes Allyce and Brady’s wedding and I’m proud to be a small part of their day.  Please enjoy their closing montage video and I wish nothing but the best for Allyce and Brady.



There’s something about filming and shooting in a new venue that excites me.  When Jessica and Brad mentioned that their wedding and reception would be at St. Stephen’s Church and the Foundry on April 21, I was excited to be able to film in a new location.  That was great and I even got to film and shoot in a new rehearsal dinner location at Seymours in Harahan.

Everything about Jessica and Brad’s wedding weekend was fantastic.  They had a awesome rehearsal at Seymours with great speeches from their best man, maid and matron of honor, and Jessica’s Father.  It was heartwarming and started the weekend right.

Jessica and Brad with their Groomsmen and Bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding day on Saturday was great day.  Ashley, Brianna, Janell and I got there early to start Jessica’s Bridal Prep it was just perfect.  Her dress, accessories, and everything else was laid out for us and we began to shoot.  I loved that and then we were able to catch Jessica open her gift from Brad and it was perfect.  We got her opening the gift and her reaction from it.

After that Ashley and I headed to Brad’s house and we got lucky as Brad was opening his gift from Jessica and I knew this was going to be a great day when we were able to catch both the bride and groom opening their gifts to each other.

Nothing could go wrong after that and we had a picture perfect wedding at St. Stephen and The Foundry.  I loved everything about Jessica and Brad’s Wedding.  They had an awesome group of friends that were supportive and just fun to hang with.  It didn’t seem like I was working that day, but hanging out with a good group of people celebrating Jessica and Brad’s day.  It was wonderful and I’m humbled that they had us document their wedding day.

 The First Dance

Brian and Katherine were married on April 1 and I remembered when I told the staff that we had a wedding on April Fools, they are laughed and thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t and Brian and Katherine’s wedding was one of the most enjoyable days I ever filmed and shot.  During their planning process, I became good friends with the both of them.  Everything felt comfortable everytime we chatted and it seemed like I was apart of the wedding and not a vendor.

Everything went great during their wedding day.  We arrive at the salon and Katherine is as calm as could be.  Jenn and Krystal then went to Katherine’s grandparents’ house while Janell and I went to Brian’s house to see him enjoying a cigar and playing cards with his groomsmen.  It was that kind of day, calm and relaxing.  The ceremony went off without a hitch and I didn’t find out till later that both Katherine and Brian were holding a conversation with me during the ceremony.  I had a great time with them during their entire wedding planning and on their wedding day.  It was fun times all around.

I’m proud to call Brian and Katherine my friends and please enjoy their closing montage above and some photos from the wedding day below.

Brian with his older brother and younger sister

Katherine and her sister Elizabeth

Brian and Katherine’s Wisconsin friends

Myself with the Happy Couple

Close to 100 people attended Jeanne and Brent’s Rehearsal Dinner at Smokehouse BBQ in Destin, Florida with Jenn, Jen, and I there to film and photo the events.  We started off at Rosemary Beach as everyone was enjoying the beautiful scenery and playing in the sand.  It was fun and then we drove to Destin for the dinner at Smokehouse BBQ and the food was absolutely delicious that was topped off with a Krispy Krewe cake that was built with 18 dozen chocolate and glaze donuts.

We provided entertainment for the night with a slideshow from their childhood and then they viewed their Love Story Video that brought a tear to both Jeanne and Brent.  We then heard multiple speeches from Brent’s dad, his best man Charles, and a great heartfelt speech from Jeanne’s sister and maid of honor Rhonda.  It was a beautiful start to their wedding weekend and please enjoy Rhonda’s speech and several photos from their rehearsal day.

The entire wedding party with Jeanne and Brent’s parents

Jeanne and her bridesmaids

Brent and his groomsmen

Rhonda giving her Maid of Honor Speech

Jeanne and Brent opening Rhonda’s gift to them

Becky and Brice held their rehearsal dinner on December 2 at Andrea’s Restaurant.  It was a small and intimate gathering of family friends with Becky’s Maids of Honor Renee and Kristy giving speeches and Brice’s friend Drexel delivering his best man speeches.  Please enjoy their speeches and some photos from the rehearsal.  To view more photos from the rehearsal and their wedding on December 4, please visit our facebook page




I enjoy going to rehearsal dinners and filming the speeches given by family members and friends.  It allows me to get to know other members of the bridal party and it’s just a good time.  This was great as I’m good friends with both Jason and Adrienne  and I was humbled when they asked me to film and document their wedding.  The rehearsal is always the start to a great weekend and both Ray and Claire delivered emotional and heart felt speeches to their brother and sister.  Please enjoy their speeches above and some photos below of their rehearsal dinner.

Michelle and David held their rehearsal dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse in the French Quarter last Thursday.  It was a fun night with both Michelle and David’s families coming together to celebrate their wedding the following night. We heard heartfelt toasts from David’s brother Roy, Michelle’s sister Jen and her father Mr. Wilson.  It was a great night that ended with their love story video.

Michelle and her parents

David with his family

Michelle and her mom enjoying the love story video

Brock and Cynthia had their rehearsal dinner at Ristorante da Piero in Kenner’s Rivertown.  After everyone got settled in and they ordered their food and drinks, it was time for the speeches and we heard from Brock’s father and brother, Cynthia’s father, one of the flower girls and from Cynthia’s Maid of Honor, Lizzie.   Lizzie’s speech was the highlight of the night and the bridal party was still talking about it on the day of the wedding. She delivered a great speech and quote of the night came from her.  She recalled a conversation that she and Cynthia had, “God made me so cold because Brock is so hot.”

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