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Jason and Adrienne are getting married on November 20 in Lafayette.  A few weeks back ago, Janell and I shot footage for the love story video and captured a few pictures as well.  It was a fun and enjoyable shoot with two very good friends of mine.  Below are a few photos from the shoot

Michelle and David held their rehearsal dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse in the French Quarter last Thursday.  It was a fun night with both Michelle and David’s families coming together to celebrate their wedding the following night. We heard heartfelt toasts from David’s brother Roy, Michelle’s sister Jen and her father Mr. Wilson.  It was a great night that ended with their love story video.

Michelle and her parents

David with his family

Michelle and her mom enjoying the love story video

Not everything planned goes as scheduled.  Taryn and I planned their engagement shoot at Audubon Park on a Sunday morning, but they never got there.  As I got to the park, there was a birthday party going on and other events around the park that would have made it difficult to shoot their engagement photos and Save the Date Video.  A text and a phone call later, we moved the shoot to City Park and we couldn’t ask for a better day.  Taryn and Lee were awesome to work with and rockstars throughout the whole day.  Below are few teaser photos from their session and coming soon is their Save the Date Video.

Brock and Cynthia had their rehearsal dinner at Ristorante da Piero in Kenner’s Rivertown.  After everyone got settled in and they ordered their food and drinks, it was time for the speeches and we heard from Brock’s father and brother, Cynthia’s father, one of the flower girls and from Cynthia’s Maid of Honor, Lizzie.   Lizzie’s speech was the highlight of the night and the bridal party was still talking about it on the day of the wedding. She delivered a great speech and quote of the night came from her.  She recalled a conversation that she and Cynthia had, “God made me so cold because Brock is so hot.”

Theresa and Phong’s courtship is a sprint.  Not a marathon, but a 100 yard dash.  Over the course of ten months, Theresa and Phong met, got engaged three months later, and were married six months after that.  Most of my couples are engaged for about a year to eighteen months, but they wanted to get married now and they did.  I had so much fun creating their love story and especially hearing how Phong’s father led the charge with the proposal.  It’s a great story and their love story shoot at Audubon Park was a blast too.  Please enjoy their love story above and a few shots from our love session below.

One of the best parts to this job is getting referrals.  Allison and Chuck were referred to me by one of my former volleyball players and I’m so glad Andy got me in touch with Allison and Chuck.  They had an uptown wedding on July 24 with the ceremony at the Mater Dolorosa on South Carrollton and the beautiful Tea Room at Audubon Park.  Everything about the ceremony and reception worked perfectly and everyone had a great time with After 8 providing four hours of great entertainment.   One of my favorite parts to the reception was Chuck’s groom cake that replicated the Wrigley Field Scoreboard and a sing off between Chuck’s fraternity brothers and Allison’s sorority sisters.  It was a great night by all and please enjoy their closing montage above and some pictures from their ceremony and reception below.

Last night Jennifer and Michael had their rehearsal mass and dinner last night.  We started at St. Anthony of Padua Church to go over the final details for the ceremony and went to the French Quarter and Deannie’s Seafood for the dinner.  The food was great and everyone enjoyed themselves as they watched a slideshow of their childhood that looped over and over until they were ready for the love story.  After taking a few pictures, they were ready for the love story and it was hit with a lot of crying and laughing.  It always gets me when either the couple or one of their parents pull me to the side and thank me for producing the love story.  It’s one of the best parts of this job

After re-grouping for a few minutes, both Michael and Jennifer’s fathers gave heartfelt and moving speeches to the son and daughter.  But the most touching moment of the night saw Michael give a ring to Jennifer’s grandmother that saw many a tear fall.  She was not expecting and it was great to capture that on film.  It was an awesome night and please enjoy some pictures from Jennifer and Michael’s rehearsal dinner.

Michael giving a ring to Jennifer’s grandmother GiGi

Friends enjoying a funny moment during the love story

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