There’s something about filming and shooting in a new venue that excites me.  When Jessica and Brad mentioned that their wedding and reception would be at St. Stephen’s Church and the Foundry on April 21, I was excited to be able to film in a new location.  That was great and I even got to film and shoot in a new rehearsal dinner location at Seymours in Harahan.

Everything about Jessica and Brad’s wedding weekend was fantastic.  They had a awesome rehearsal at Seymours with great speeches from their best man, maid and matron of honor, and Jessica’s Father.  It was heartwarming and started the weekend right.

Jessica and Brad with their Groomsmen and Bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding day on Saturday was great day.  Ashley, Brianna, Janell and I got there early to start Jessica’s Bridal Prep it was just perfect.  Her dress, accessories, and everything else was laid out for us and we began to shoot.  I loved that and then we were able to catch Jessica open her gift from Brad and it was perfect.  We got her opening the gift and her reaction from it.

After that Ashley and I headed to Brad’s house and we got lucky as Brad was opening his gift from Jessica and I knew this was going to be a great day when we were able to catch both the bride and groom opening their gifts to each other.

Nothing could go wrong after that and we had a picture perfect wedding at St. Stephen and The Foundry.  I loved everything about Jessica and Brad’s Wedding.  They had an awesome group of friends that were supportive and just fun to hang with.  It didn’t seem like I was working that day, but hanging out with a good group of people celebrating Jessica and Brad’s day.  It was wonderful and I’m humbled that they had us document their wedding day.

 The First Dance