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Kevin and Stephanie were married on June 9, 2012 at Smilie’s Restaurant in Harahan and it was a great day for all their family and friends to celebrate their day together.  It was such a fun day for my staff and I and it all began when Ashley and I went to Lakeside to get Stephanie as she was putting on her makeup.

I’ve also enjoyed Bridal Prep as it’s the start of a great day to come.  While Stephanie was at mall, I had Jen and Janell go over to the guys house for his prep and it’s always a trip to hear what the guys are doing as they wait.  Kevin and his groomsmen were like any other guys as they hanged out and just drank the afternoon away.  They had a good time before heading to the restaurant for the wedding

One of my favorite moments to any wedding is when the bride arrives for the wedding.  It’s that one moment when her dad helps her out of the limo and your seconds away from the wedding.  For Stephanie, her dad rented a convertible for the both them and had a short drive from the house to the restaurant.

Once everyone was inside, the ceremony took place and it was a beautiful and lovely wedding.  Stephanie looked like a rock star and held back tears for most of the wedding, but tears are a good thing.  They were tears of joy

Once the reception started, it was a rocking good time.  Stephanie and Kevin’s friends knew how to party and dance.  I don’t think there was one time when the dance floor wasn’t empty.  It was a great time and I’m glad that my staff and I were a small part to their wedding day.  Please enjoy their closing montage above and some of their wedding photos here.  You can view more photos from Stephanie and Kevin’s day on our Facebook fan page.  Please click here to visit the page

Everything was perfect when Dalene, her entourage, and I went out for her Bridal Portrait Session this past April.  When she told me that she wanted her session at Audubon Park, I was excited as Audubon is my favorite place to shoot.  There are so many great places at Audubon Park and we a blast going around the park.

It’s always fun to take Bridal Portraits because you’re never at a loss of suggestions.  The mother wants this shot, the Maid of Honor likes this pose, and the best friend will suggest this.  Every suggestion I got was great and Dalene was a rock star throughout the whole day.  In between all the snaps that was taken and footage filmed, Dalene just kept saying thank you to all the “your beautiful” and “congratulations” shout outs from the walkers and runners from the track.  It was fun and I just love doing these.

Dalene is  great person and she had her destination wedding last Saturday in Honduras.  I can’t wait for her and Paul’s New Orleans Style Reception at the Audubon Tea Room with all her friends and family who couldn’t attend the wedding in Honduras.  It’s going to be a great time and a second chance for Dalene and Paul to have the time of their life

There’s something about filming and shooting in a new venue that excites me.  When Jessica and Brad mentioned that their wedding and reception would be at St. Stephen’s Church and the Foundry on April 21, I was excited to be able to film in a new location.  That was great and I even got to film and shoot in a new rehearsal dinner location at Seymours in Harahan.

Everything about Jessica and Brad’s wedding weekend was fantastic.  They had a awesome rehearsal at Seymours with great speeches from their best man, maid and matron of honor, and Jessica’s Father.  It was heartwarming and started the weekend right.

Jessica and Brad with their Groomsmen and Bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding day on Saturday was great day.  Ashley, Brianna, Janell and I got there early to start Jessica’s Bridal Prep it was just perfect.  Her dress, accessories, and everything else was laid out for us and we began to shoot.  I loved that and then we were able to catch Jessica open her gift from Brad and it was perfect.  We got her opening the gift and her reaction from it.

After that Ashley and I headed to Brad’s house and we got lucky as Brad was opening his gift from Jessica and I knew this was going to be a great day when we were able to catch both the bride and groom opening their gifts to each other.

Nothing could go wrong after that and we had a picture perfect wedding at St. Stephen and The Foundry.  I loved everything about Jessica and Brad’s Wedding.  They had an awesome group of friends that were supportive and just fun to hang with.  It didn’t seem like I was working that day, but hanging out with a good group of people celebrating Jessica and Brad’s day.  It was wonderful and I’m humbled that they had us document their wedding day.

 The First Dance

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