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It seemed like yesterday that I was celebrating the start of 2009 and now we’re on the start of a new decade in 2010.  2009 was a very gratifying year for me both personally and professionally.  I established new friendships; renewed old ones and saw Weddings by Digital Video Breakdown grow in leaps and bounds.

The year started with the Krewe of Olympia Ball and ended with a great love story shoot with Lynsey and Brad.  In between, I have awesome memories of all the weddings we filmed this year.  With Allyson and Dan, I will always remember the moment when both families did Grease Lightning on the dance floor.  I still laugh when Kimberly and her bridesmaids were watching Bride Wars as we walked in and then hearing that Evan and his groomsmen watching UFC.  How funny is that?  I remember Courtney being a nervous wreck and watching her father calm her down moments before putting her dress on.  Sheena and Wayne having probably the best wedding reception I’ve ever been to as either a guest or videographer.  Watching a crazy dance off at Mark and Bonnie’s wedding was pure joy.  Filming Stephanie and Stuart in the back of my moving truck to get a shot for their love story video.  Hearing a beautifully read poem during Kelli and Jason’s wedding.  The memories could go on and on.  2009 was a great year and I can’t wait to get 2010 started to continue the growth of what we’ve been doing.  I say we because I cannot do this alone.

I started the year with Peter and Jenn on staff, but as the year progressed, I added four new members to the staff and seen each one of my six-man crew grow creatively as a videographer, editor, and photographer.  I’m blessed to be able to work in a field that I love and have a team that strives to better themselves on the next shoot.  I believe in the team concept and the team I have are rock stars.  To Peter, Jenn, Jen, Emily, Janell, and Tori, thank you for helping me expand our shop and continue to create the best work for our clients.

2009 saw the foundation of our growth and 2010 will see us build on the foundation we’ve started.  To everyone out there, Have a Happy New Year and below is a collage of our 2009 weddings.  Many thanks to Ray Taix at the Brothers Taix Photography for the assist with the college.

Brad and Lynsey are getting married on May 29, 2010. I traveled up to Baton Rouge this morning to start their love story video and the other videos that I have planned for them. Despite being a little bit cold, it was a picture perfect day on campus at LSU. Meeting at school and being alums, it was only natural to film them at school. After finishing up their love story interviews, we went to their favorite spots on campus and took great video and photos of the two. They are such a photogenic couple that every shot I took looked great and the footage was equally beautiful. I can’t wait to continue working with them and getting more shots and footage that we have planned in New Orleans and back in Baton Rouge. Below are a few of my favorite pictures from our session this morning.

Tonight was Brianna and Bryce’s Rehearsal Dinner. It was a cold and rainy night but everyone at the church and rehearsal was warm and anxious for their wedding on Saturday. The maid of honor wrote a touching poem as her speech tonight and the best man gave a equally heartfelt speech to his sister and future brother in law.

It was a great night and a rewarding night for me when both Brianna and Bryce’s parents pulled me to the side and thanked me personally for their engagement video I shot last month with them and Emily.  It always humbles me when I am thanked for my work and it tells me that I’m doing something right for my client.  It’s been a total pleasure working with Brianna and Bryce and I cannot wait for Saturday to film their wedding and reception.  Below are a few pictures that Janell took during their dinner.

The Happy Couple, Brianna and Bryce

Brianna and her bridesmads

Bryce and his groomsmen

Stephanie and Stuart Got Married on October 23, 2009 at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in New Orleans and Pat O’s on the River in Jax Brewery. They were a great couple to work during their love story shoot. Their wedding was beautiful to film and the reception was a great time with music by After 8 and photography by Chris Williams.

Jami and Dale are getting married next month on January 9, 2010 in Franklinton. Here is their Save the Date video that I filmed a few weeks back with them in Hammond at Southeastern Louisiana.

Mark and Bonnie were married on September 26 at St. Anthony of Padua Church Church in New Orleans and held their reception at the Rose Garden in Harahan.  They had probably one of the best homilies I’ve ever heard at a wedding.  The priest spoke to them about their relationship, how they met, and included stories about them.  I can’t speak highly of how good and enjoyable this homily was.

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