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When I first heard that Heather and Gary were high school sweethearts, I knew they had a great story to tell.  They’ve been together over 9 years and we had a great session at the firehouse Gary works at and at Lafreniere Park for their location shoot.  As we were walking around, they saw the carousel and mentioned that they never been on one before.  I jumped on the opportunity and placed them on the carousel and we got some great footage of them riding on it. It was a pleasure creating their video and showing it to them at Bayou des Familles for their family and friends at their rehearsal dinner.  Please enjoy their video below

Close to 100 people attended Jeanne and Brent’s Rehearsal Dinner at Smokehouse BBQ in Destin, Florida with Jenn, Jen, and I there to film and photo the events.  We started off at Rosemary Beach as everyone was enjoying the beautiful scenery and playing in the sand.  It was fun and then we drove to Destin for the dinner at Smokehouse BBQ and the food was absolutely delicious that was topped off with a Krispy Krewe cake that was built with 18 dozen chocolate and glaze donuts.

We provided entertainment for the night with a slideshow from their childhood and then they viewed their Love Story Video that brought a tear to both Jeanne and Brent.  We then heard multiple speeches from Brent’s dad, his best man Charles, and a great heartfelt speech from Jeanne’s sister and maid of honor Rhonda.  It was a beautiful start to their wedding weekend and please enjoy Rhonda’s speech and several photos from their rehearsal day.

The entire wedding party with Jeanne and Brent’s parents

Jeanne and her bridesmaids

Brent and his groomsmen

Rhonda giving her Maid of Honor Speech

Jeanne and Brent opening Rhonda’s gift to them

Charles and Emily held their rehearsal dinner on February 17 at the Pelican Club in the French Quarter.  It was a great night with both of their families coming together to celebrate their wedding two days later at the Cathedral and Mardi Gras World.  I had fun spending time with them before their wedding and please enjoy a few pictures from their rehearsal below.

Becky and Brice held their rehearsal dinner on December 2 at Andrea’s Restaurant.  It was a small and intimate gathering of family friends with Becky’s Maids of Honor Renee and Kristy giving speeches and Brice’s friend Drexel delivering his best man speeches.  Please enjoy their speeches and some photos from the rehearsal.  To view more photos from the rehearsal and their wedding on December 4, please visit our facebook page




I enjoy going to rehearsal dinners and filming the speeches given by family members and friends.  It allows me to get to know other members of the bridal party and it’s just a good time.  This was great as I’m good friends with both Jason and Adrienne  and I was humbled when they asked me to film and document their wedding.  The rehearsal is always the start to a great weekend and both Ray and Claire delivered emotional and heart felt speeches to their brother and sister.  Please enjoy their speeches above and some photos below of their rehearsal dinner.

Michelle and David held their rehearsal dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse in the French Quarter last Thursday.  It was a fun night with both Michelle and David’s families coming together to celebrate their wedding the following night. We heard heartfelt toasts from David’s brother Roy, Michelle’s sister Jen and her father Mr. Wilson.  It was a great night that ended with their love story video.

Michelle and her parents

David with his family

Michelle and her mom enjoying the love story video

Last night Jennifer and Michael had their rehearsal mass and dinner last night.  We started at St. Anthony of Padua Church to go over the final details for the ceremony and went to the French Quarter and Deannie’s Seafood for the dinner.  The food was great and everyone enjoyed themselves as they watched a slideshow of their childhood that looped over and over until they were ready for the love story.  After taking a few pictures, they were ready for the love story and it was hit with a lot of crying and laughing.  It always gets me when either the couple or one of their parents pull me to the side and thank me for producing the love story.  It’s one of the best parts of this job

After re-grouping for a few minutes, both Michael and Jennifer’s fathers gave heartfelt and moving speeches to the son and daughter.  But the most touching moment of the night saw Michael give a ring to Jennifer’s grandmother that saw many a tear fall.  She was not expecting and it was great to capture that on film.  It was an awesome night and please enjoy some pictures from Jennifer and Michael’s rehearsal dinner.

Michael giving a ring to Jennifer’s grandmother GiGi

Friends enjoying a funny moment during the love story

Lynsey and Brad held their rehearsal dinner at Broussard’s Restaurant in the French Quarter on May 27.  It was a gorgeous night and just before dinner, we debuted their love story video to their family and friends. After the video, both Lynsey and Brad came up and thanked me.  I still get humbled after little moments like that.

As you know from previous posts, we shot coverage of their love story in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  They both went to LSU and adore the school and campus. Out of everything I shot, I had more fun filming them at the Botanical Gardens in City Park.  Brad proposed to Lynsey there and when she described the proposal to me during our first meeting, I knew we had to go there and recreate it.  The proposal is my favorite part of their love story.  I had a great time at their rehearsal dinner and below are several pictures from their night at Broussard’s Restaurant

Buddy and D’Andra held their rehearsal dinner at Lagniappe Restaurant in Springfield on May 7th. It was a great night as family and friends gathered to celebrate their wedding the next day. Just before dinner, I debuted their love story video and the crowd loved watching their relationship develop. Soon after, Buddy’s best man, Tony, brother Mark and D’Andra’s maid of honor, Alexis gave heart felt speeches to brought a tear to both Buddy and D’Andra. Below is their love story video along with a few snaps at the dinner.

Tonight was Brianna and Bryce’s Rehearsal Dinner. It was a cold and rainy night but everyone at the church and rehearsal was warm and anxious for their wedding on Saturday. The maid of honor wrote a touching poem as her speech tonight and the best man gave a equally heartfelt speech to his sister and future brother in law.

It was a great night and a rewarding night for me when both Brianna and Bryce’s parents pulled me to the side and thanked me personally for their engagement video I shot last month with them and Emily.  It always humbles me when I am thanked for my work and it tells me that I’m doing something right for my client.  It’s been a total pleasure working with Brianna and Bryce and I cannot wait for Saturday to film their wedding and reception.  Below are a few pictures that Janell took during their dinner.

The Happy Couple, Brianna and Bryce

Brianna and her bridesmads

Bryce and his groomsmen

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