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Jeanne and Brent are getting married on May 7 at Rosemary Beach in Florida.  A few weeks ago we went back to Audubon Park to film and shoot footage for their love story video and everything went as planned.  It was a picture perfect day and a special one for both Jeanne and Brent.

About a year before, Brent proposed to Jeanne at the park and we re-created the moment at their bridge.  It was a beautiful recreation and the footage is going to look awesome when we show their love story video the day before their wedding.  Below are a few shots from our day at the park and more can be seen at our facebook fan page.

Becky and Brice were married on December 4 at Holy Name of Jesus and held their reception at the J.W. Marriott.  This was a great day to film and shoot both Becky and Brice.  We started our day with Becky in one of the biggest bridal suites we ever filmed at.  This gave us plenty of room to film and take photos and also pull some bridesmaids aside and conduct short interviews with them.  It was one of our relaxing bridal shoots ever.  We then followed up with their first look inside the hall and it was beautiful moment to watch both Becky and Brice see other for the first time in her gown and his tux.  It was a great moment to capture both on film and photo.

Words really can’t describe their ceremony.  Holy Name is one of my favorite churches to film at and everything was fantastic.  The reception was rocking and good ole family fun.  Both Becky and Brice’s family jumped on stage with the band and just had a wonderful time.  This wedding capped off a great 2010 and I couldn’t be prouder of Jenn, Janell, and Jen for their work on this wedding and all of 2010.  Please enjoy their closing montage above and several photos from their day below.

Charles and Emily held their rehearsal dinner on February 17 at the Pelican Club in the French Quarter.  It was a great night with both of their families coming together to celebrate their wedding two days later at the Cathedral and Mardi Gras World.  I had fun spending time with them before their wedding and please enjoy a few pictures from their rehearsal below.

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