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There’s just something about the culture and tradition of filming Vietnamese weddings that I love.  It’s an all day affair and it’s something to experience.  Sean and Brady got married on October 22 and their whole wedding weekend was a joy to film and photo.  We started their weekend in Lafayette filming their Tea Ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony to get us started for the wedding on Saturday and their day was an awesome one.

Janell and I started Saturday with Brandy and her makeup artiest for Bridal Prep and it was such a welcome relief not to be in a crowded salon, but only have the four of us there.  It gave us time to talk details about the wedding and we got some great footage of Brandy doing her hair and makeup.  This was a great start to our day and I can talk and write forever on how great this wedding was.

I love the idea of having only family and close friends at the wedding and then having a full blown reception of close to 500 at your hall.  It’s an experience and it’s one of the reason why I love filming Vietnamese and Asian style weddings.  Sean and Brandy were a great couple to work with and everything we did was fun.  From there engagement shoot last April to their Tea Ceremony in Lafayette and their wedding, it was a blast.  Please enjoy some of their photos in the blog and their closing montage above.


I enjoy getting phone calls or texts from previous clients.  It nice to catch up with them after their wedding and see how life has changed since the wedding.  I got several of those calls during the holiday season and it was great to catch up with two of my former brides, Katherine and Emily.  Both of them were looking for holiday cards to mail out to family and friends and I was happy to meet them out and take a few photos.

Ever since our first shoot together on their Save the Date Video, I have built a very good friendship with Katherine and her husband Brian.  They were an absolute joy to work with and their friendship is one I truly value.  Just like everything else we did for their wedding videos and photos, their Christmas Card shoot was a blast.  I got to see their new home and their newest addition to their family Dixie.  We snapped photos around the house and neighborhood and it was really good to hang out with them again.

Emily and Charles were my first wedding in 2011 and had one of the best moments I’ve captured on film.  The start to the reception was awesome as they had a marching band lead them out in a second line and was just a sight to see.  I caught up with Emily and Charles a quick photo session for the New Year’s Cards.  It was great to see them again and their dog Natalie.  They are such a photogenic couple and it reminded me of our time at Mardi Gras World for their engagement session.  All their photos came out great and just being able to spend some time with them made for an enjoyable day.

I love hearing from my past clients.  Whether its for coffee, a drink, or an ongoing text conversation, it makes me feel good to know that my clients wanna get in touch and let me know how their doing.  It’s a great feeling to have and puts a smile on my face.

I always enjoy working on love story interviews.  It allows me the opportunity to get to know my clients better and to hear their story from the beginning of their relationship all the way to the wedding day.The whole creative process of the video is a joy to work on and I loved hearing Meagan and Ryan’s story during their love story session.  They had mentioned to me that they were high school sweethearts and those are some of the best stories to hear.  I love the fact that they met during their first day of school as freshmen, were friends all through that and finally started going out just before graduation.  They had a great story and one of the best parts to their session was Meagan’s back yard.

We normally venture out to different locations to film portions of the love story, but Meagan suggested her back yard and it was beautiful.  She had about two acres of land and my favorite area was her deck that overlooked the swamp.  It was awesome and gave us wonderful footage to film and take great photos.  Meagan and Ryan have been fantastic to work with and I can’t wait to show them their love story video and film their wedding.  They are getting married on March 3, 2012.

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