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I’ve seen plenty of fun and spontaneous events at weddings, but Jonee and her family topped everything with one of the sweetest things I’ve filmed as a videographer.  Jonee and her family have a tradition of singing a song to new members of the family and during her reception, they continued this custom with a special welcome song to her new husband Timmy.

After gathering her brothers and sisters with her parents (she’s one of 11), they sat Timmy down and sang their song.  It was very touching and sweet moment to film and scenes like this make my work as a videographer a great one.

Martha and Brad got married on June 5 at the First English Lutheran Church in Metairie and held their reception at the Pavilion in Kenner.  They surprised their family and friends when they started their reception with an awesome first dance.  They started off with a slow song and kicked it up a notch with a melody of fast, up tempo songs to the delight of everyone.  It was a great start to their reception and it kept rockin’ from there.  It was a great night of dancing and celebrating the start of Martha and Brad’s life together.  Please enjoy their closing montage and several photos from their day.

Chuck and Allison had an uptown wedding in New Orleans on July 24 as they held their ceremony at the Mater Dolorosa on South Carrollton and their reception at the Tea Room in Audubon Park.  Please enjoy their teaser video from their day.

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