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I read online that over 50,000 couples worldwide got married on November 11, 2011.  I can assume that any videographer or photographer not working that day didn’t try hard enough not to book the date.  Before I even knew about 11-11-11, I was already booked.  Jessica and Cody had booked me some 18 months in advance knowing this was going to be a popular day and it was a fantastic wedding to film.

They were married at Cedar Groove Tchoupitoulas Plantation and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  One of my favorite parts to a wedding is seeing the groom’s reaction when his bride comes out and walks the aisle with her father.  When I reviewed the first the first time, you could see Cody nervous but then beam with excitement as Jessica was getting closer and closer to him.  That was one of  many great moments during their wedding that saw their money dance never end but morph into a line dance.  Jessica and Cody had the perfect day and I’m glad that I was a small part it.

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