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One of the great parts to my job is the ability to meet new people and getting to know them during their wedding planning.  Timmy and Jonee are good people and it was a joy to work with them.  Their ceremony was an old school catholic wedding at St. Joseph’s Church on Tulane and their reception was a lively family fun get down.  It was an absolute joy to capture their day on film and on photo.  Please enjoy their wedding montage above and some candid photos from the day below.

Hanging out with Dan and Allison, a past wedding couple.  Dan is Jonee’s cousin

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Janell and I spent our Labor Day with Rachel and Ben on their Save the Date Session at City Park.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s not really work when you enjoy what you day and I had fun with this session.  It was great to hang out with both Rachel and Ben and they were up to everything that I had planned for them.  When Rachel and I first discussed the idea of a Save the Date Video, she was excited to do it and felt that it was something different then the usual Save the Date cards or magnets that are mailed out.  Here, Rachel and Ben were relaxed during the entire session and if it wasn’t for a family gathering later that day, we could have spent the entire day walking around the park snapping pictures and capturing more great footage.

It always a treat to get to know my clients better during these Save the Date/Engagement Sessions and also during their Love Story Shoot and this was no exception.  Rachel and Ben were fantastic on this day and I can’t wait for our next session to make their wedding experience a memorable one.  Rachel and Ben are getting married on May 21, 2011 and please enjoy their Save the Date Video above and several photos from their session below.

I had everything mapped out for Brian and Katherine’s Save the Date Video.  I had my shot list planned, their song picked out, and just about everything else good to go.  We start filming and everything looks great but something seemed off.  I had discussed my film plans with Katherine a few days before and she was good with it but mid-stream, we both decided to go in a different direction and I think the video we have above works better then what I had originally planned.

I had a blast with Brian and Katherine on this Save the Date session.  It was a easy and fun shoot as Brian and I go back to high school together.  His brother David and I were good friends in school and all three of us wrestled on the same team and hanged out a lot during the good old days.  It didn’t feel like work when I was filming them, it felt natural.  Katherine was easy going and everything flowed perfectly.  I gave them my input, Brian and Katherine gave their input and we were able to use all our ideas into their video.  I had a great time filming them and look forward to the other videos and photos I have for them leading up to the wedding day on April 1, 2011.

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