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When I tell potential and future brides that we film from start to finish and offer no time limits on their wedding day, most of them are shocked to hear that.  I believe that when you hire DVB to film and document your wedding, you have me and my staff for the entire day.  We have no place else to be and we just love what we do.

This theory became true a few weeks ago when I hung out with Charlene and Chris for their love story interview and Engagement Session .  We started about two in the afternoon and didn’t end until about 10 that night and I couldn’t ask for a better day.

After finishing their love story interviews, we ventured out and roamed all over downtown New Orleans to take their Engagement Photos.  We had a blast walking along the river and down Bourbon Street just taking photos everywhere.  One of my favorite stops during our session was at Tropical Isle and getting a photo of Charlene and Chris with the Hand Grenade.  It was awesome.


I had a great time with Charlene and Chris and can’t wait to show off their love story video this Fall and film their wedding next year on February 15.  To view more photos from their session, please visit our Facebook page.


One of my favorite sessions to film and photo with my clients are their love story sessions.  It’s part two of the love story process here at DVB.  The first part is the actual interviews and the second part is usually filming some recreations from their relationship to edit into the actual love story video.  I had a chance to do with Caroline and Rob over the weekend in Baton Rouge.

One of the best things to their session was getting to film them at their gym during one of their bootcamp workouts.  It was fun and completely out of the box.  What bride and groom doesn’t wanna look fit and good for their wedding day, but most would be hesitant to have their videographer there as they didn’t look their best on camera.  Caroline and Rob embraced it and told me that bootcamp is a big part of their relationship and working out together builds their bond to one another.  I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in but I really enjoyed filming this session at the gym.


Once we left the gym and they got cleaned up, we did their second favorite thing to do together.  Hanging out at the pub and enjoying a few drinks.  I guess that’s why you work out, to be able to enjoy a few more drinks and to cheat a little at lunch and dinner.  Seeing Caroline and Rob together was a hoot and I could really see their love for one another.  This is the reason why I enjoying producing love story videos.  It allows me to get to know my clients and just to hang out with them.  I can personally say that I have become deer friends to clients who have done a love story video with DVB.  It’s one of my favorite videos to produce and watching them view the video at their rehearsal dinner is a thrill for me and my DVB staff.

I can’t wait for Caroline and Rob’s Rehearsal Dinner to debut their Love Story to their family and friends.  It kicks off their wedding weekend and everyone gets to hear the story of how they got to their wedding day.  Caroline and Rob are getting married on March 23 and their rehearsal dinner is the Thursday before.



I couldn’t help but smile as I listed to Erin and Bryan during their love story interviews.  If it wasn’t for their friends, they would have never meet and the rest you can say is history.  Out of everything I do for my wedding clients, love stories are my favorite edit to do.  It allows me to know my clients and learn the back story of who they are.  This was no different for Erin and Bryan, they had a great story to tell and I can’t wait for their rehearsal dinner to show their their love story to their family and friends.

After we finished with their interviews, we went out and took their Engagement Photos at Audubon Park.  Erin’s sister Paige met us out there and became my assistant helping me pose her sister and future brother in law.  I love mixing my videography with my photography and this was just a perfect day to take their Engagement Photos.  Not too hot. not too cold but a comfortable day to shoot Erin and Bryan.

hurst_riley_096One of the best parts of the session was towards the end when I asked Paige to jump in some of the shots and just “photo bomb” Erin and Bryan.  The shots came out perfect and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Erin and Bryan are getting married on April 27, 2013 and I can’t wait for their rehearsal dinner to debut their love story video.






I always enjoy working on love story interviews.  It allows me the opportunity to get to know my clients better and to hear their story from the beginning of their relationship all the way to the wedding day.The whole creative process of the video is a joy to work on and I loved hearing Meagan and Ryan’s story during their love story session.  They had mentioned to me that they were high school sweethearts and those are some of the best stories to hear.  I love the fact that they met during their first day of school as freshmen, were friends all through that and finally started going out just before graduation.  They had a great story and one of the best parts to their session was Meagan’s back yard.

We normally venture out to different locations to film portions of the love story, but Meagan suggested her back yard and it was beautiful.  She had about two acres of land and my favorite area was her deck that overlooked the swamp.  It was awesome and gave us wonderful footage to film and take great photos.  Meagan and Ryan have been fantastic to work with and I can’t wait to show them their love story video and film their wedding.  They are getting married on March 3, 2012.

When I first heard that Heather and Gary were high school sweethearts, I knew they had a great story to tell.  They’ve been together over 9 years and we had a great session at the firehouse Gary works at and at Lafreniere Park for their location shoot.  As we were walking around, they saw the carousel and mentioned that they never been on one before.  I jumped on the opportunity and placed them on the carousel and we got some great footage of them riding on it. It was a pleasure creating their video and showing it to them at Bayou des Familles for their family and friends at their rehearsal dinner.  Please enjoy their video below

Over the course of two days, I spent time with Jessica and Cody to start preparing their love story video.  They are getting married on November 11 and during their rehearsal dinner on November 9, I will debut their love story video to their family and friends.  Out of all the videos I create for my clients, the love story is my favorite one to do.  It allows me to get to know my clients better and to learn a few things about them.  Jessica and Cody were different and I loved hearing their story about how their met and other key parts to their relationship.  I had a wonderful time during their interview session and at our location shooting in City Park.

Jessica and Cody have been an absolute joy to work with and I can’t wait to show their love story video at their rehearsal.  Here are a few photos from both our interview and location sessions

Jeanne and Brent are getting married on May 7 at Rosemary Beach in Florida.  A few weeks ago we went back to Audubon Park to film and shoot footage for their love story video and everything went as planned.  It was a picture perfect day and a special one for both Jeanne and Brent.

About a year before, Brent proposed to Jeanne at the park and we re-created the moment at their bridge.  It was a beautiful recreation and the footage is going to look awesome when we show their love story video the day before their wedding.  Below are a few shots from our day at the park and more can be seen at our facebook fan page.

Heidi and Chad are high school sweethearts and they are getting married on May 14.  We recently shot portions of their love story video at Audubon Park and it was a beautiful day to film and shot.  Having graduated from nearby DelaSalle High School, they were both very familiar with the uptown park and wanted to bring some of uptown into their love story video.  They were both great to work with and please enjoy some of the photos from their session below.  For more photos from the shoot, please visit our facebook fan page.

I often make it a point to get to know my couples during their wedding planning process.  This allows me to know my clients better and to become friends with them.  Over the course of this past year, I have become good friends with Katherine and Brian.  Last Saturday all three of us started the last of their pre-wedding videos with their love story shoot at Audubon Park.  It was a beautiful day to film and shoot and everything that I wanted to get done got done.

Katherine and Brian are my friends and have been awesome to work with. I can’t wait to show their love story video at their rehearsal dinner and then document their wedding on April 1 at St. Francis Xavier and the Champagne Palace.  Below are a few shots from our session at Audubon Park.  For more photos from the session, please visit our facebook fan page.

Theresa and Phong’s courtship is a sprint.  Not a marathon, but a 100 yard dash.  Over the course of ten months, Theresa and Phong met, got engaged three months later, and were married six months after that.  Most of my couples are engaged for about a year to eighteen months, but they wanted to get married now and they did.  I had so much fun creating their love story and especially hearing how Phong’s father led the charge with the proposal.  It’s a great story and their love story shoot at Audubon Park was a blast too.  Please enjoy their love story above and a few shots from our love session below.

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