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Close to 100 people attended Jeanne and Brent’s Rehearsal Dinner at Smokehouse BBQ in Destin, Florida with Jenn, Jen, and I there to film and photo the events.  We started off at Rosemary Beach as everyone was enjoying the beautiful scenery and playing in the sand.  It was fun and then we drove to Destin for the dinner at Smokehouse BBQ and the food was absolutely delicious that was topped off with a Krispy Krewe cake that was built with 18 dozen chocolate and glaze donuts.

We provided entertainment for the night with a slideshow from their childhood and then they viewed their Love Story Video that brought a tear to both Jeanne and Brent.  We then heard multiple speeches from Brent’s dad, his best man Charles, and a great heartfelt speech from Jeanne’s sister and maid of honor Rhonda.  It was a beautiful start to their wedding weekend and please enjoy Rhonda’s speech and several photos from their rehearsal day.

The entire wedding party with Jeanne and Brent’s parents

Jeanne and her bridesmaids

Brent and his groomsmen

Rhonda giving her Maid of Honor Speech

Jeanne and Brent opening Rhonda’s gift to them

Becky and Brice held their rehearsal dinner on December 2 at Andrea’s Restaurant.  It was a small and intimate gathering of family friends with Becky’s Maids of Honor Renee and Kristy giving speeches and Brice’s friend Drexel delivering his best man speeches.  Please enjoy their speeches and some photos from the rehearsal.  To view more photos from the rehearsal and their wedding on December 4, please visit our facebook page




I enjoy going to rehearsal dinners and filming the speeches given by family members and friends.  It allows me to get to know other members of the bridal party and it’s just a good time.  This was great as I’m good friends with both Jason and Adrienne  and I was humbled when they asked me to film and document their wedding.  The rehearsal is always the start to a great weekend and both Ray and Claire delivered emotional and heart felt speeches to their brother and sister.  Please enjoy their speeches above and some photos below of their rehearsal dinner.

Brock and Cynthia had their rehearsal dinner at Ristorante da Piero in Kenner’s Rivertown.  After everyone got settled in and they ordered their food and drinks, it was time for the speeches and we heard from Brock’s father and brother, Cynthia’s father, one of the flower girls and from Cynthia’s Maid of Honor, Lizzie.   Lizzie’s speech was the highlight of the night and the bridal party was still talking about it on the day of the wedding. She delivered a great speech and quote of the night came from her.  She recalled a conversation that she and Cynthia had, “God made me so cold because Brock is so hot.”

I’ve recorded many rehearsal dinner speeches, but Brad’s speech is one I’ll probably remember the most.  It was emotional and from the heart.  As he thanked his family, his friends and the bridal party, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.  The moment that got me was when Brad thanked his parents and his younger brother.  It was touching and confirmed my belief that family should always come first.  I told Brad that this was probably one of the best rehearsal dinner speeches I’ve heard and it was my pleasure to be able to capture and film his speech along with the others that night.

To say that Elise wasn’t nervous before her rehearsal dinner speech to Brianna and Bryce was an understatement.  She was Brianna’s Maid of Honor as they have been friends since high school.  Despite her nervous and having some liquid courage before, Elise nailed her speech as she recited a poem she wrote for the happy couple.

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