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I filmed Kelli and Jason’s wedding last October and we’ve become good friends since then.  Last week, all three of us had coffee and I learned that both of them had a growing passion for the art of videography and photography.  They even started their own blog on the pictures that they took using their iPhone. They both have a creative way of looking at thing and just hearing them talk about video and photos made this a no brainer for me.  I decided to bring them to my staff.

Their first job was to help shoot Shantelle and Wesley’s engagement session and they just rolled with it.  The next night was Lynsey and Brad’s wedding and they have a blast shooting that one.  Kelli went to high school and college with Lynsey and was thrilled that she was going to help shoot her wedding last Saturday.  One of the great moments of the night was when I saw Lynsey run towards Kelli on the dance floor and give her a big hug.  I promised Lynsey a surprise at the reception and when Kelli told her that she was there to help shoot the wedding, Lynsey just screamed and couldn’t be happier.  It was an awesome scene that I’m proud to have on film.

I’ve always believed that you need to love what you do.  The art of videography and photography is my love and I’m blessed to have Jason and Kelli on board to share that same passion and desire for videos and photos.

Kristin and Nick were married on May 15 at Vintage Court in Covington.  Despite the threat of rain for their outdoor ceremony, we managed to hold off mother nature to have a great wedding and reception.  Below is their wedding teaser video and a few shots from Kristin and Nick’s day

Buddy and D’Andra held their rehearsal dinner at Lagniappe Restaurant in Springfield on May 7th. It was a great night as family and friends gathered to celebrate their wedding the next day. Just before dinner, I debuted their love story video and the crowd loved watching their relationship develop. Soon after, Buddy’s best man, Tony, brother Mark and D’Andra’s maid of honor, Alexis gave heart felt speeches to brought a tear to both Buddy and D’Andra. Below is their love story video along with a few snaps at the dinner.

Jaime and Kirk were married at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Lakeview on May 1 and held their reception at the Riverview Room in Jax Brewery. It was a great day to start our wedding season and below is their teaser and a few shots from their wedding day.

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