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I thought my 2013 Wedding Season concluded with Legrande and Kristy’s wedding but I was mistaken when I received an email from Michele checking on my availability for her wedding. Thankfully I was free and this was a fun wedding to shoot.

This was the first Jewish wedding ceremony I ever filmed and one of the great things about being a wedding professional is the exposure you get from filming different types of wedding ceremonies and traditions.  I enjoyed learning something new and being able to film this wedding was a great experience for me.

Michele and Ben were a great couple to work with and getting a chance to meet their family and friends made it better.  Michele asked that I walk around and try to get well wishes from her family and friends at the reception and normally guests are shy to talk to the camera, but not Michele and Ben’s guests.  All were willing to grab the mic and step in front the camera and wish the newlyweds their best.  It was wonderful and every interview spoke on how good Michele and Ben were as friends, as a brother and sister and just how good people they were.I enjoyed getting these soundbites and hearing them again during the edit process.

I can now say that my 2013 Wedding Season is now concluded with Michele and Ben and please enjoy their wedding montage above and can’t wait for my 2014 Wedding Year to start


The first time I met Erica and Sean I knew right away that they were good people.  From that first day all the way till their wedding day in April, it was an absolute pleasure to work with them.  I would describe them as easy going and fun.  They were just a blast to hang out with and even better to film and photo their wedding day.


Sean told me at that very first meeting that their wedding was going to be a wild one and it was.  I don’t remember a slow moment during their day and all of Sean and Erica’s friends were dance machine.  They danced to everything played and it was a wonderful day with all their family and friends celebrating their wedding.



I couldn’t ask for a better day for their wedding.  Clear skies for their ceremony and just a rockin reception inside their Fleur de Lis Center in Mandeville.  Please enjoy their closing montage video above and a handful of their wedding photos can be seen on our Facebook Fan Page.  Thank you to Erica and Sean for being great clients and just so damn easy to film and photo.





I’ve always enjoyed going to parties.  Hanging out with family and friends with good food and drinks, what else can you ask for?  I attended a great party last week when I was asked to go to Charlene and Chris’ Surprise Engagement Party.  During my first meeting with Charlene and Chris, they knew they were going to have a Engagement Party but didn’t know when it would be.  Hence, the surprise party.


From the beginning, Charlene mentioned how important this party was to her.  Her entire Bridal Party, her parents, her future in-laws and step-daughter and her son would be there.  Just hearing her talk about them, I knew I had to be at the party to film and shoot it.  It was a great party with very good people.  I really enjoyed myself and it was fun times getting to know everyone there.  This is the first of many wedding activities for Charlene and Chris and I can’t wait to get them infront of the camera for their Engagement and Love Story Sessions.  They are scheduled to get married on February 15, 2014 at Magnolia Plantation.  To view more photos from the Party, please visit our Facebook page




Anytime I get the chance to film a wedding for one of my former volleyball players, I jump at the opportunity.  Laurie was on the first volleyball team that I worked on as their video coordinator and I grew excited when I heard she was getting married.  Everytime we would meet during her planning process, it gave us time to reminiscence about her high school playing days and those videos I edited for the them.  Those were fun days.

Everything about Laurie and Rene’s day was fun.  The best part of her prep was watching Laurie and her bridesmaids practice their special bridal party dance to Rene.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful inside St. Patrick’s  and the Omni was rocking with the music from The Mixed Nuts.  I had a great time with Laurie and Rene and their families.  It was a fun day by all.  Please enjoy their closing montage above and a few photos from their day below.

Two weeks before her wedding, D’Andra tipped me off that she and her bridesmaids were planning something special to Buddy and his groomsmen for their bridal party dance.  Nothing was set in stone, but they had something up there sleeves for the bridal dance.

Their wedding day is here and we have a picture perfect ceremony at the Michabelle in Hammond.  The first dance, father daughter and mother son dance go off without a hitch and we wait a little while for the bridal party dance.  We were lucky enough that during D’Andra’s bridal prep, Jenn was there filming and caught the girls practicing.  Besides the bridesmaids, we knew what was going to happen and it was flawless.  Buddy and his guys had no idea and enjoyed the dance that D’Andra planned with her girls.  This was truly a great moment and they even did an encore of the dance later in the night.  It was a great moment and please enjoy their dance and their practice footage that Jenn captured.

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