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Brian and Katherine were married on April 1 and I remembered when I told the staff that we had a wedding on April Fools, they are laughed and thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t and Brian and Katherine’s wedding was one of the most enjoyable days I ever filmed and shot.  During their planning process, I became good friends with the both of them.  Everything felt comfortable everytime we chatted and it seemed like I was apart of the wedding and not a vendor.

Everything went great during their wedding day.  We arrive at the salon and Katherine is as calm as could be.  Jenn and Krystal then went to Katherine’s grandparents’ house while Janell and I went to Brian’s house to see him enjoying a cigar and playing cards with his groomsmen.  It was that kind of day, calm and relaxing.  The ceremony went off without a hitch and I didn’t find out till later that both Katherine and Brian were holding a conversation with me during the ceremony.  I had a great time with them during their entire wedding planning and on their wedding day.  It was fun times all around.

I’m proud to call Brian and Katherine my friends and please enjoy their closing montage above and some photos from the wedding day below.

Brian with his older brother and younger sister

Katherine and her sister Elizabeth

Brian and Katherine’s Wisconsin friends

Myself with the Happy Couple

Houmas House has a special meaning to Jen and Sal.  Sal proposed to Jen there and it was only natural to shoot their engagement session at Houmas House in Darrow.  It was a picture perfect day as we took shots both on the grounds and inside the house.  It was a great day and I couldn’t be happier with the photos I took.  Please enjoy some of their photos below and to view more from their session, please visit our Facebook fan page

Angelle and Bryan got married on March 12 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner and held their reception at the Champagne Palace in Harahan.  They were such a great couple to work with and extremely laid back.  Everytime we met, they were calm and collective and this lead to a great wedding day.  I’ve never seen a bride have a cheeseburger on the day of her wedding and there’s Angelle eating one.  It was a great moment and then you had the guys a few hours before just hanging out eating sandwiches and drinking.  It was a perfect day to film and photo Angelle and Bryan along with their friends and family.  Please enjoy their highlight montage above and a few photos from their day.

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