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I’ve always enjoyed going to parties.  Hanging out with family and friends with good food and drinks, what else can you ask for?  I attended a great party last week when I was asked to go to Charlene and Chris’ Surprise Engagement Party.  During my first meeting with Charlene and Chris, they knew they were going to have a Engagement Party but didn’t know when it would be.  Hence, the surprise party.


From the beginning, Charlene mentioned how important this party was to her.  Her entire Bridal Party, her parents, her future in-laws and step-daughter and her son would be there.  Just hearing her talk about them, I knew I had to be at the party to film and shoot it.  It was a great party with very good people.  I really enjoyed myself and it was fun times getting to know everyone there.  This is the first of many wedding activities for Charlene and Chris and I can’t wait to get them infront of the camera for their Engagement and Love Story Sessions.  They are scheduled to get married on February 15, 2014 at Magnolia Plantation.  To view more photos from the Party, please visit our Facebook page




I’m always looking for something extra to do for my clients and hit the wall one day thinking about it.  Then out of the blue, I was invited to a Bridal Shower to take a few photos and then it hit me.  Let’s start covering Bridal Showers.  It felt strange at first being the only guy there, but once everything starts going and I begin filming and taking a few photos it all becomes normal to me.

A few weeks back, Tara called me and asked if I was free for Tanya’s Bridal Shower and thankfully I was.  I was able to meet her mother and mother in law and most of her friends who’ll be at her wedding in two weeks on March 9th.  It was fun seeing Tanya hanging out with her family and friends and she mentioned to me that her wedding is finally becoming real to her when she saw me taking photos and filming her cake and gifts at the shower.  It was there that she was becoming nervous, but also excited for her wedding to Darwin.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Tanya and her family and friends at her shower.  It was good times and just being able to offer something more to my clients is a good feeling.  I can’t wait for Tanya’s wedding in a few weeks to Darwin and it’s going to be a blast.  Please enjoy her Bridal Shower Video above a few photos from her shower below






Mardi Gras and New Orleans go hand in hand.  Growing up in the Big Easy, I’ve experienced my share of Mardi Gras and actually grew very tired of it during college. For a number of years I even scheduled my vacation around carnival and left town for a few days.

Then all of a sudden I regained my carnival spirit when I took my niece to her first parade last year and enjoyed seeing the sights and sounds that is Mardi Gras and New Orleans.  Watching my niece scream and enjoy all the throws she was receiving was a sight to see.  Fast forward to this year and I grew excited about Mardi Gras and everything that it offers.  Besides the great floats, many schools, their cheerleaders and bands are involved in the parade and march with the krewes along the route.




It’s a great time to hang out with the family and just meet new people while catching beads, stuff animals, and enjoying the parade.  Mardi Gras is an event that everyone should experience and it’s the greatest free party in the world.  I love this city and my re-discovery of Mardi Gras with my family and niece.  Happy Mardi Gras to everyone.



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