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Jeanne-Marie and Brett had a fantastic wedding day at the Balcony last November 12.  Everything just worked that day when we arrived at her house for bridal prep and it flowed even better when I went to the guys house for Brett’s prep.  I loved every minute of their wedding and everything that we did before their special day.

I was first introduced to them by Jeanne-Marie’s brother in law Rick.  He wanted to give something special to Jeanne-Marie and he did.  Rick booked me to film her wedding as his gift to her and was she surprised by his generosity.  It was the first time that I’ve had anyone other then the bride or her parents book me for her wedding and it was a sight to see her face when I told she was having her wedding filmed and that Rick was responsible for it.

I loved everything about their day.  From them jumping the first kiss before they were officially married to Jeanne-Marie’s nephew stealing the dance floor during the reception.  It was wonderful times and I’m glad that my staff had a little part of her always remembering her day on film.

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