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It always humbles me when I receive a testimonial from my clients.  I don’t go out and actively solicit them but it’s always a sense of pride and satisfaction when one comes in.  I recently got one from Jami and Dale.  They got married on January 9 and they were an absolute joy to work with.  We met up on Good Friday when I delivered their DVDs to them and spent some time over coffee remembering their wedding and just enjoying ourselves.  Below is the email I received from Jami and Dale

We love the video and the pictures.  We laugh every time we watch it…i didnt know Dale was wearing a mic…its really funny…through all the tears you made us laugh.  Thank you so much for everything.  Keep in touch

Jami and Dale

Weddings by Digital Video Breakdown and The Brothers Taix Photography is throwing a Bridal World 2010 Special. For more information, come visit us at the Bridal World 2010 Show at the Pontchartrain Center tonight from 6:30 – 9:30pm. If you have any questions on the special, please email Ray Taix at or Gregory Juan at

Buddy and D’Andra have been such a great couple to work with.  We spent two days shooting their love story video in both Ponchatoula and New Orleans and came away with great footage from each session.  I think I have enough footage to create a second video for them and might just create a separate chapter on the DVD of unused footage.  With that being said, below is the trailer for the love story video to shown at the rehearsal dinner on May 7.

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