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Sammy and Kristy are getting married on November 16, 2013 at St. Louis Cathedral and recently I shot their Engagement Photos at their home.  I can honestly say that it was one of the most laid back sessions I’ve ever done.  Both of them are great people to be around and it shows with their Engagement Photos.

I was referred to Kristy by one of my former brides Jeanne and I can’t thank her enough for referring them to me.  One of the great things about both Sammy and Kristy are that they are funny.  I was laughing more at their photo suggestions they wanted and they all came out great.  The photos definitely show off their personality and great sense of humor.

They were both wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to do more with them.  This was just the beginning of our many photo and video sessions leading up to the their wedding next November.  Please enjoy their photos in the post and I can’t wait to post more photo and video of this awesome couple





Words can’t describe Allyce and Brady’s Wedding but I’m going to try in this blog post.  The one thing I remember Allyce and Brady telling me was that they wanted a fun wedding video and the fun started at the Rehearsal Dinner at Superior Grill.  It was one of the funniest rehearsal dinners I’ve been too and Brady’s twin brother Cory started the wedding activities right with an awesome best man speech.  You can view his speech at this link

Everything about Allyce and Brady’s Wedding was fun.  They were both laid back and calm throughout their prep and their wedding at Holy Name of Jesus was beautiful.  The reception was at the nearby Audubon Tea Room and continued the fun theme.  They had a photo booth which creates silliness and fun photos and had a band that just rocked the house.  I can’t say enough words how great Louisiana Spice was at the reception.  They totally rocked and I enjoyed working again with CheyAnne from Arte De Vie as she taking all her great photos.  Fun, that’s the one word that describes Allyce and Brady’s wedding and I’m proud to be a small part of their day.  Please enjoy their closing montage video and I wish nothing but the best for Allyce and Brady.



I remember saying to myself how photogenic Tanya and Darwin were during our mini-engagement session at her grandfather’s church back in April.  Everything went smoothly and all three of us knew that we were going to meet a few weeks later to do full engagement session at their park.

A few weeks turned into a few months as everytime we schedule the shoot, something would always come up and that was rain.  I have to say that this was one of the wettest summers in New Orleans and everytime we scheduled this shoot, it rained and we just couldn’t find a right time to shoot.  I was getting frustrated and I know Tanya was getting tired of having to reschedule this shoot, but once we finally found a clear day to shoot, it was absolutely perfect.

The skies were clear and we could ask for a more better day then we did.  Just as we did back in April, Tanya and Darwin were picture perfect in their smiles and were an absolute joy to work with.  I can’t wait till begin their love story video later this fall to be shown at their rehearsal dinner in March.  To view more from their engagement session, please visit our Facebook fan page at this link.

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