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I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with my former and current couples over coffee or dinner. It’s a good way to get to know them and build friendships. Over the past two days, I’ve had a chance to hang out with a former bride, a present couple, and a couple just starting their wedding process.

I started this week having coffee with Kristin and Nick. They’re getting married on May 15 and I’ve only met with Kristin and her mom. After meeting Nick, we instantly hit it off as we realized that we both went to high school together. He was a year behind me and then figured out that we both wrestled on the same team. What a small word! We talked a little about the wedding and about other things. It seemed like we were lifelong friends and it was awesome. I can’t wait for their wedding.

I then had dinner with Meghan and Richie last night. They recently got engaged and just started their planning. I went over all the videos I have in mind and they’re ready for all of them. I’m really excited to be working with Richie and Meghan because Richie is a good friend of mine and we used to work together at Tulane when I was a volleyball video coordinator and he was their volleyball Sports Information Director. We had plenty of good times there and we still laugh it up over one road trip to Salt Lake City and Obispo.

Sandwiched in between my present and future couples was my former bride Brianna. Brianna got married on December 19 at St. Agnes. St. Agnes is a very special church to me. I had my first communion, confirmation, and grammar school graduation there. I still attend St. Agnes and Brianna’s wedding to Bryce at my church was great. We met so I could deliver her wedding DVDs. She was really excited to get them and had this anxious feel to get home and watch the film. Before she left, we chatted like two old friends about her summer plans, my upcoming vacation to North Carolina this week, and what the future holds for her and Bryce. It was great spending time with her and I truly enjoyed it. Below is a photo from their reception.

Martha and Brad are high school sweathearts and they’re getting married on June 5, 2010.  Jenn and I recently shot footage for the love story and save the date video and it was just a picture perfect to shoot.  During their shoot, they noticed a baby duck floating by itself in the pond and Brad went in and scooped in it up.  They then played with it for a few minutes and it was one of those moments where I love video.  It just captured the love that Brad and Martha have for one another and for others.  To sound cliche, it was priceless.  Below is Martha and Brad’s Save the Date Video

Jami and Dale were my first wedding of 2010 and got married on January 9 at he the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Franklinton and held their reception at the Franklinton Country Club.  It was a great ceremony that saw Dale get emotional while reciting his vows and that was probably one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen or filmed at a wedding.  It was great and everyone had a awesome time at the country club dancing and socializing.  I had a blast working with the both of them and am equally proud of my Dove Crew for capturing great footage and photos of Jami and Dale’s day.  Below are highlights from their wedding including Jami’s gift to Dale at the rehearsal dinner.

When D’Andra and Buddy mentioned to me that they were coming down to New Orleans for a Hornets game, I knew it would be a perfect time to finish their love story shoot and have them for an engagement session as well.  It was also a great time as both D’Andra and Buddy got to meet Jen and Jenn on the shoot.  I’ve always enjoyed having my couples meet the team who’ll be working on their wedding day and this was a great opportunity for the Jens to meet-up with D’Andra and Buddy.  The whole session turned out awesome as Jen snapped great pictures of the two while Jenn and I were able to film them from different angles for their love story video.  We’ll less then two months away from their wedding day at the Michabelle in Hammond.  Below are a few pictures that Jen took of the happy couple

Just after Christmas, I headed west to Baton Rouge to start Lynsey and Brad’s love story video. Some two months later, Lynsey and Brad came down here to finish off their New Orleans portion of their love story. It was gorgeous day here and we were blessed to have great sunlight for both sessions in Baton Rouge and in New Orleans. With me behind the video camera and Jen snapping away, we spent nearly two hours capturing great images and footage at Audubon Park and at the Botanical Gardens in City Park. Below are a few shots from their session and I can’t wait to debut their love story at their rehearsal dinner and film their wedding on May 29.

Brianna and Bryce got married on December 19 at St. Agnes Church in Jefferson and held their reception at Smilie’s Restaurant in Harahan.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and a great day to film their wedding and reception.  Brianna and Bryce were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed every minute capturing their memories on camera.  Below are highlights from their wedding day and the maid of honor’s speech from the rehearsal dinner.

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