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On May 29, Lynsey and Brad got married at St. Joseph’s Church on Tulane and held their reception at Chateau Country Club in Kenner.  It was a great day and Lynsey and Brad were an absolute joy to work with.  From their Save the Date Shoot, Lynsey’s Bridal Formals, and their rehearsal dinner, everything was absolutely perfect.  The day after the wedding, Lynsey texted me and said thank you for filming the greatest day of their lives.  It always touches me when I get those small little notes.  Please enjoy their closing montage and some photos from her photos and their wedding day.

Two of my former brides, Brittany (R) and Kelli (L) with Lynsey

Kristin and Nick got married on May 15 at the Vintage Court in Covington.  The ceremony almost got washed out with the threat of rain, but it held out just long enough.  After the ceremony and the formal pictures were taken, the rain fell but we were all inside and had a great reception.  Vintage Court is probably my favorite reception hall on the Northshore as it provide an intimate setting for the bride and groom, but also to their family and guests.  It was a great night for Kristin and Nick and I’m humbled that they had Janell, Emily, and I film and photo their day.

It’s often my experience that the father of the bride hangs out in the back and lets his wife and daughter do most of the entertaining during the wedding and reception.  Mr. Kirk wasn’t that way during his daughter Lynsey’s wedding.  He was the entertainment and he was damn good at it.   Towards the end of the reception, Mr. Kirk was invited by the band to be the guest drummer for one of the songs and just rocked the house.  Lynsey, his wife Mrs. Tena, and all their family and guests loved the performance and was one of many highlights for Lynsey and Brad at the wedding.

I’ve recorded many rehearsal dinner speeches, but Brad’s speech is one I’ll probably remember the most.  It was emotional and from the heart.  As he thanked his family, his friends and the bridal party, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.  The moment that got me was when Brad thanked his parents and his younger brother.  It was touching and confirmed my belief that family should always come first.  I told Brad that this was probably one of the best rehearsal dinner speeches I’ve heard and it was my pleasure to be able to capture and film his speech along with the others that night.

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