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David and Michelle enjoys movies and spending time at home watching them.  Often, they can’t decide which one to watch after having dinner.  This was the main theme to their Save the Date Video.  We tossed around many ideas for their video, but all three of us decided on this and it totally worked out.  David normally cooks dinner for the two of them and they then decide on what DVD to watch from their collection.

They often can’t choose what to watch and then David flips through the channels trying to find something .  I loved this idea and they gave me a handful of DVDs to include in their video.  They were great to work with and very comfortable infront of the camera.  We even managed to take a few engagement shots after the video shoot.  In all, it was a great time and I can’t wait to get started on their love story video later this summer.  David and Michelle are getting married on October 22, 2010 at St. Agnes Church.

One word best describes Timmy and Jonee’s love story session, FUN.  It didn’t matter that it was hot and humid, they had a blast with everything we did.  This was probably one of my favorite sessions I’ve ever shot and filmed.  One of the funnier moments of the day occurred with Jonee did her best Karate Kid impression and then we saw Timmy climb up an oak tree with Jonee chasing after him.  It was great.

We then moved from Audubon Park and went to Jesuit High School to recreate Timmy’s proposal.  I’ve always enjoyed recreating the proposals and this was no different.  Timmy proposed inside Jesuit’s chapel and this was a special moment to see them back there and recreate one of the best moments of their lives.  I was glad to be a part of it.

All three of us then finished our day at City Park as they flew kites and played soccer.  I knew they had a playful attitude but this just brought it home for me.  We had been at this all day and there they were just playing and having fun.  They weren’t tired and were enjoying this fun filled day.  We wrapped it up and got sushi for lunch while I learned more about them and their wedding day.  It was a perfect way to end the day and I’m truly looking forward to the wedding on July 17 at St. Joseph’s and the Jefferson Orleans North.

Two weeks before her wedding, D’Andra tipped me off that she and her bridesmaids were planning something special to Buddy and his groomsmen for their bridal party dance.  Nothing was set in stone, but they had something up there sleeves for the bridal dance.

Their wedding day is here and we have a picture perfect ceremony at the Michabelle in Hammond.  The first dance, father daughter and mother son dance go off without a hitch and we wait a little while for the bridal party dance.  We were lucky enough that during D’Andra’s bridal prep, Jenn was there filming and caught the girls practicing.  Besides the bridesmaids, we knew what was going to happen and it was flawless.  Buddy and his guys had no idea and enjoyed the dance that D’Andra planned with her girls.  This was truly a great moment and they even did an encore of the dance later in the night.  It was a great moment and please enjoy their dance and their practice footage that Jenn captured.

2010 has been an awesome year for us and we’re throwing a special videography special for the remainder of the year. For an incredible low price of $1,650, you’ll receive the following

  • Three Videographers filming your wedding and reception
  • A Love Story Video shown at your rehearsal dinner.
  • A Save the Date Video announcing your wedding date hosted on our website
  • A Candid Photographer at your reception
  • An engagement photo session
  • Your bridal portrait session either filmed or photographed
  • Copyright release to all photos taken by DVB
  • Three DVDs

For more information and any questions for the special, please call Gregory Juan at 504-339-5826 or email at

St. Dominic Church in Lakeview saw Jaime and Kirk get married on May 1. Following their wedding, they held their reception at the Riverview Room in Jax Brewery and were entertained to the sounds of Harvey Jesus and Fire. They totally rocked the reception and one of the main highlights of the day was their second line. They circled the room twice and then went down four flights of escalators to the sounds of a great sax player. Once they get down to the ground floor, a horse carriage was waiting for them to start their honeymoon. It was a great scene and a perfect ending to a great day.

Wes and Shan have been together for over seven years and they are getting married on July 31 in Kenner.  Kelli, Jason, and I recently shot their Engagement Video at Audubon Park the other day and it was an awesome late afternoon shoot.

I told Jason and Kelli to roll with it and they did.  Shan and Wes were comfortable with them and had a blast as we were snapping and filming away.  We spent a little over an hour with them and I felt that everything came out great.  Afterwards, Shan shared some details for her reception and I’m really looking forward to their day.  Below are a few shots from the session with their video above.

Lynsey and Brad held their rehearsal dinner at Broussard’s Restaurant in the French Quarter on May 27.  It was a gorgeous night and just before dinner, we debuted their love story video to their family and friends. After the video, both Lynsey and Brad came up and thanked me.  I still get humbled after little moments like that.

As you know from previous posts, we shot coverage of their love story in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  They both went to LSU and adore the school and campus. Out of everything I shot, I had more fun filming them at the Botanical Gardens in City Park.  Brad proposed to Lynsey there and when she described the proposal to me during our first meeting, I knew we had to go there and recreate it.  The proposal is my favorite part of their love story.  I had a great time at their rehearsal dinner and below are several pictures from their night at Broussard’s Restaurant

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