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Two weeks before her wedding, D’Andra tipped me off that she and her bridesmaids were planning something special to Buddy and his groomsmen for their bridal party dance.  Nothing was set in stone, but they had something up there sleeves for the bridal dance.

Their wedding day is here and we have a picture perfect ceremony at the Michabelle in Hammond.  The first dance, father daughter and mother son dance go off without a hitch and we wait a little while for the bridal party dance.  We were lucky enough that during D’Andra’s bridal prep, Jenn was there filming and caught the girls practicing.  Besides the bridesmaids, we knew what was going to happen and it was flawless.  Buddy and his guys had no idea and enjoyed the dance that D’Andra planned with her girls.  This was truly a great moment and they even did an encore of the dance later in the night.  It was a great moment and please enjoy their dance and their practice footage that Jenn captured.


Jami and Dale are getting married on January 9, 2010 in Franklinton.  They are graphic design students at Southeastern and we filmed and shot their love story interviews today on campus.  It was a bit overcast, but we came away with great video and pictures for the love story.  They are my first wedding of 2010.

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