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When I tell potential and future brides that we film from start to finish and offer no time limits on their wedding day, most of them are shocked to hear that.  I believe that when you hire DVB to film and document your wedding, you have me and my staff for the entire day.  We have no place else to be and we just love what we do.

This theory became true a few weeks ago when I hung out with Charlene and Chris for their love story interview and Engagement Session .  We started about two in the afternoon and didn’t end until about 10 that night and I couldn’t ask for a better day.

After finishing their love story interviews, we ventured out and roamed all over downtown New Orleans to take their Engagement Photos.  We had a blast walking along the river and down Bourbon Street just taking photos everywhere.  One of my favorite stops during our session was at Tropical Isle and getting a photo of Charlene and Chris with the Hand Grenade.  It was awesome.


I had a great time with Charlene and Chris and can’t wait to show off their love story video this Fall and film their wedding next year on February 15.  To view more photos from their session, please visit our Facebook page.


One of the first things I noticed when meeting Sarah for her consultation last summer was the amount of energy she had.  She was fast thinking, fast moving, and generally thinking out loud for ideas for her own wedding video when I was showing her samples of my work.  I loved the energy that she brought to our meeting.

She had that same energy when I filmed her Save the Date Video with her fiancée Kevin.  It was a gorgeous day to film and Sarah was ready to run and she ran a lot.  One of the funnier moments of the day was watching Sarah try to recreate one of their outings at the park and she just wiped out.  Kevin and I couldn’t stop laughing and we laughed for a few moments.

Sarah and Kevin are getting married on June 1, 2013 and you can view their wedding website at

Sammy and Kristy are getting married on November 16, 2013 at St. Louis Cathedral and recently I shot their Engagement Photos at their home.  I can honestly say that it was one of the most laid back sessions I’ve ever done.  Both of them are great people to be around and it shows with their Engagement Photos.

I was referred to Kristy by one of my former brides Jeanne and I can’t thank her enough for referring them to me.  One of the great things about both Sammy and Kristy are that they are funny.  I was laughing more at their photo suggestions they wanted and they all came out great.  The photos definitely show off their personality and great sense of humor.

They were both wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to do more with them.  This was just the beginning of our many photo and video sessions leading up to the their wedding next November.  Please enjoy their photos in the post and I can’t wait to post more photo and video of this awesome couple




“I know her” was the common theme of the night when I first met Robert and Caroline during their wedding consultation.  Almost every video sample I showed Robert and Caroline, she would say “I know her”  It became even more comical when I showed her photos on my iPad and she kept saying I know her, her too.  Caroline basically knew about 3/4 of all my brides.

To add to the six degrees of separation, she played volleyball in high school and played against my brother  during her playing days and even knows some of my contacts in my volleyball coaching circles.  It was pretty amazing and neat that we had so much in common from brides to volleyball.  I knew that this would be a perfect match between us and me.

On Father’s Day, I met Robert and Caroline for their engagement session at Audubon Park and it was a picture perfect day.  We took photos all over the park and even managed to hop on the golf course to snap a few on the green.  It was a great day and I even got to met Robert’s son and take some photos of them on this Father’s Day.  It was perfect.

I can’t wait to get started on even more pre-wedding sessions with Robert and Caroline.  They are scheduled to get married on March 23, 2013 at St. Rosalie’s Church in Harvey.



The first time I met Kellie and Christi I knew that they were good people.  We sat there and talked about everything from their favorite band going up the New Kids on the Block, them knowing each other since they were 6 years old and everything else including their wedding day this November 16.

A few weeks ago Janell and I took their engagement photos at their home, Lafreniere Park, and Audubon Park.  It was a great day to shoot and I always enjoy introducing my assistants to our clients.  Janell took control of the shoot and Kellie and Christi were very comfortable with her direction behind the camera.

Everything was great from the start and I can’t wait to get started on their love story to be shown at the rehearsal dinner.

I love the fact that Tanya and Darwin are getting married in her grandfather’s church and that her grandfather is actually going to marry them.  How awesome is that?  My grandparents were very special to me and hearing that Tanya’s Grandfather would be marrying them just blew me away.

I then asked Tanya if she wanted to do a Engagement Session at the church and she quickly jumped on the idea.  On the day of her shoot, I was able to met her aunt and grandfather at the church and all of us were able to walk around the church and see how beautiful it was.

They are getting married on Match 9, 2013 and this session was the start of our numerous photo and film sessions leading up to their big day.  To view more photos from this day, please visit our Facebook fan page.

I always enjoy working on love story interviews.  It allows me the opportunity to get to know my clients better and to hear their story from the beginning of their relationship all the way to the wedding day.The whole creative process of the video is a joy to work on and I loved hearing Meagan and Ryan’s story during their love story session.  They had mentioned to me that they were high school sweethearts and those are some of the best stories to hear.  I love the fact that they met during their first day of school as freshmen, were friends all through that and finally started going out just before graduation.  They had a great story and one of the best parts to their session was Meagan’s back yard.

We normally venture out to different locations to film portions of the love story, but Meagan suggested her back yard and it was beautiful.  She had about two acres of land and my favorite area was her deck that overlooked the swamp.  It was awesome and gave us wonderful footage to film and take great photos.  Meagan and Ryan have been fantastic to work with and I can’t wait to show them their love story video and film their wedding.  They are getting married on March 3, 2012.

Laurie and Javier are getting married on June 30, 2012 and last week I realized that we were one year away from their special day and I wanted to do something extra for them.  Several texts and a phone call later, Laurie and Javier meet me at Laketown in Kenner for a quick photo session exactly one year prior to the wedding.

It was a little warm, but it was a beautiful day for their mini shoot.  I enjoy these small sessions as it allows me to get to know my couple and Laurie and Javier are a perfect match.  I can’t wait to get started on our other shoots over the next year and below are several photos from our mini shoot in Laketown.

Houmas House has a special meaning to Jen and Sal.  Sal proposed to Jen there and it was only natural to shoot their engagement session at Houmas House in Darrow.  It was a picture perfect day as we took shots both on the grounds and inside the house.  It was a great day and I couldn’t be happier with the photos I took.  Please enjoy some of their photos below and to view more from their session, please visit our Facebook fan page

I jumped at the idea when Jeanne-Marie mentioned that she wanted part of her engagement session at UNO.  I hadn’t been on campus since I graduated and it was fun to walk around and take in the old building and some of the new ones.

Jeanne-Marie and Brett met there and she wanted to bring a little bit of UNO into her engagement photos.  It was such a fun session as we walked around the quad and found an empty classroom to take silly photos in.  After finishing up at UNO, we went to Audubon Park to finish up and they ended the shoot riding skate boards and answering a few questions for their mini love story video.  Jeanne-Marie and Brett are scheduled to get married on November 12 and please enjoy some of the engagement photos below and you can view more from this session at our facebook fan page.

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