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Charlie and I go way back to our movie theatre days where he was the manager and I was the floor supervisor.  We worked and hung out a lot back then but once I left to focus on school and my upcoming college graduation, Charlie and I lost touch.  We still managed to hang out some, it became difficult with our schedules always clashing.  Flash forward several years and I run into Charlie’s old girlfriend Jennifer at a coffee shop when I was waiting to meet one of my brides.  I found out that Charlie and Jennifer are now engaged and were looking for a photographer for their wedding.  The next day, I met with Charlie and Jennifer and it felt like old times again and the last thing we talked about was their wedding.  It was all about the movie theatre, staying after hours to watch those movies, and just how young and stupid we were.  It was awesome and so was their wedding.  I’m thankful that I could be a small part of their wedding day and please enjoy some moments from Charlie and Jennifer’s Day














Kevin and Stephanie were married back in June but we finally got our schedules to match up last month to shoot their Formal Portraits and they came out smoking.  I remember when Stephanie and I tried to schedule her Bridal Session and we had so much trouble setting up a date for it.  When we finally had it arranged, she had dress problems and when the dress was finally ready, we didn’t have time and the wedding was finally here.  Her Bridal Session would turn into a Formal Session with Kevin and we could never get our schedules to clear.


Close to eight months later, all three of our schedules finally cleared and we were set for their Formal Session at Rivertown.  Everything about this session was great and their finished photos was smoking.  I knew I had something special during their shoot but it wasn’t until I downloaded the set and saw them in Lightroom that these photos were just awesome.  I couldn’t be more happy with the way these photos came out.

I kept thinking back to their wedding day as you could see how much Kevin and Stephanie loved each other.  It looked great on camera and even better in person.  I even stopped posing them as they were coming up with poses on their own and everything just clicked.  It was great.  Both of them have become good friends of mine and I’m glad that I was a small part of their wedding day and during their Formal Session.  For more photos of this session, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here




I remember saying to myself how photogenic Tanya and Darwin were during our mini-engagement session at her grandfather’s church back in April.  Everything went smoothly and all three of us knew that we were going to meet a few weeks later to do full engagement session at their park.

A few weeks turned into a few months as everytime we schedule the shoot, something would always come up and that was rain.  I have to say that this was one of the wettest summers in New Orleans and everytime we scheduled this shoot, it rained and we just couldn’t find a right time to shoot.  I was getting frustrated and I know Tanya was getting tired of having to reschedule this shoot, but once we finally found a clear day to shoot, it was absolutely perfect.

The skies were clear and we could ask for a more better day then we did.  Just as we did back in April, Tanya and Darwin were picture perfect in their smiles and were an absolute joy to work with.  I can’t wait till begin their love story video later this fall to be shown at their rehearsal dinner in March.  To view more from their engagement session, please visit our Facebook fan page at this link.

I knew from the very first time I met Rachel and Ben that I was going to have a blast filming them on their wedding day at Ursuline and Chateau Country Club. Their wedding was so much fun and it absolutely shows on film.  The Bucktown All Stars rocked the house and Rachel and Ben had the best day of the lives.  I’m glad that they had Jen, Janell, and I film the day and capture the wedding and reception.  Congrats to Rachel and Ben for having an awesome day.

Laurie and Javier are getting married on June 30, 2012 and last week I realized that we were one year away from their special day and I wanted to do something extra for them.  Several texts and a phone call later, Laurie and Javier meet me at Laketown in Kenner for a quick photo session exactly one year prior to the wedding.

It was a little warm, but it was a beautiful day for their mini shoot.  I enjoy these small sessions as it allows me to get to know my couple and Laurie and Javier are a perfect match.  I can’t wait to get started on our other shoots over the next year and below are several photos from our mini shoot in Laketown.

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