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Caroline and Rob were married on March 23 at St. Rosalie’s Church on the Westbank and they held their reception at the Board of Trade in New Orleans.  The was a great day and we started it off with their prep and both Caroline and Rob seemed calm and easygoing.



One of my favorite parts of the day was their first look and you can see at that time they were were ready to see each other.  It was a beautiful moment to watch Caroline make that long walk and tap Rob on his shoulder for them to see each other for the first time in her wedding dress and his tux.  It was a sight to see.

Once that was over and their nerves were settled, we had a beautiful wedding at St. Rosalie and a rocking reception.  Caroline and Rob had the time of their lives on the dance floor and greeting all their family and guests throughout the night.  I couldn’t ask for a better couple to film and wish them a great start to their life together.  Please enjoy their closing montage video above and some photos from their day.








When I tell potential and future brides that we film from start to finish and offer no time limits on their wedding day, most of them are shocked to hear that.  I believe that when you hire DVB to film and document your wedding, you have me and my staff for the entire day.  We have no place else to be and we just love what we do.

This theory became true a few weeks ago when I hung out with Charlene and Chris for their love story interview and Engagement Session .  We started about two in the afternoon and didn’t end until about 10 that night and I couldn’t ask for a better day.

After finishing their love story interviews, we ventured out and roamed all over downtown New Orleans to take their Engagement Photos.  We had a blast walking along the river and down Bourbon Street just taking photos everywhere.  One of my favorite stops during our session was at Tropical Isle and getting a photo of Charlene and Chris with the Hand Grenade.  It was awesome.


I had a great time with Charlene and Chris and can’t wait to show off their love story video this Fall and film their wedding next year on February 15.  To view more photos from their session, please visit our Facebook page.


Kevin and Stephanie were married back in June but we finally got our schedules to match up last month to shoot their Formal Portraits and they came out smoking.  I remember when Stephanie and I tried to schedule her Bridal Session and we had so much trouble setting up a date for it.  When we finally had it arranged, she had dress problems and when the dress was finally ready, we didn’t have time and the wedding was finally here.  Her Bridal Session would turn into a Formal Session with Kevin and we could never get our schedules to clear.


Close to eight months later, all three of our schedules finally cleared and we were set for their Formal Session at Rivertown.  Everything about this session was great and their finished photos was smoking.  I knew I had something special during their shoot but it wasn’t until I downloaded the set and saw them in Lightroom that these photos were just awesome.  I couldn’t be more happy with the way these photos came out.

I kept thinking back to their wedding day as you could see how much Kevin and Stephanie loved each other.  It looked great on camera and even better in person.  I even stopped posing them as they were coming up with poses on their own and everything just clicked.  It was great.  Both of them have become good friends of mine and I’m glad that I was a small part of their wedding day and during their Formal Session.  For more photos of this session, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here




I’ve always enjoyed going to parties.  Hanging out with family and friends with good food and drinks, what else can you ask for?  I attended a great party last week when I was asked to go to Charlene and Chris’ Surprise Engagement Party.  During my first meeting with Charlene and Chris, they knew they were going to have a Engagement Party but didn’t know when it would be.  Hence, the surprise party.


From the beginning, Charlene mentioned how important this party was to her.  Her entire Bridal Party, her parents, her future in-laws and step-daughter and her son would be there.  Just hearing her talk about them, I knew I had to be at the party to film and shoot it.  It was a great party with very good people.  I really enjoyed myself and it was fun times getting to know everyone there.  This is the first of many wedding activities for Charlene and Chris and I can’t wait to get them infront of the camera for their Engagement and Love Story Sessions.  They are scheduled to get married on February 15, 2014 at Magnolia Plantation.  To view more photos from the Party, please visit our Facebook page




The first time I met Erica and Sean, I knew something was up. They couldn’t stop smiling and laughing during our wedding consult and all this was going on at 8 in the morning. As we sat there and talked about their wedding, I knew that their day as going to be a blast.

Erica and Sean brought that same happy attitude to their Engagement Session last week at Audubon Park and they were a blast to work with.  Sean has to be one of the funniest grooms I’ve ever met and it was difficult to keep a straight face on when he decided to do something silly for the camera.  I can only imagine how fun their wedding will be and they said numerous times that their wedding will be the best day of their lives.


Erica and Sean are getting married on April 13 and I can’t wait to be a small part of their day when I film their wedding at the Fleur de Lis Center in Mandeville.  To view more photos from their session, please click here


One of my favorite moments to Kellie and Christi’s Wedding was her reaction to Kellie as Christi walked down the aisle.  It was emotional and brought a tear to my eye when I was editing their video.  It was a powerful moment and I’m glad that my video team was able to capture it.  Both Kellie and Christi have known each other their whole life and have been together as a couple for nearly 17 years.  November 16 will be a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

During their pre-wedding process, I had become good friends with the both of them and their families.  DVB had filmed and photoed their cousin’s wedding earlier this summer and I felt that I had become a part of their family.  Everytime we meet for a photo or video session, it didn’t feel like work and it was just three friends hanging out.  Their were numerous times this past year that we just meet for coffee and didn’t even talk about the wedding.

This is a great day where I was able to split the DVB team into two sections and I was even able to bring my Laurie, my wedding coordinator, to help me plan out all the events at the wedding and reception.  I couldn’t have ask for a better day and fantastic couple to work with  Kellie and Christi were awesome and their family and friends rocked.  I invite you to enjoy their montage video above and visit the DVB Facebook page to view more photos from the wedding day.

dvbkc_017Christi and Kellie’s Step Father coming down the aisle

dvbkc_028Singing their married certificate with the Maid of Honor, Best Man, and their Pastor

One of the first things I noticed when meeting Sarah for her consultation last summer was the amount of energy she had.  She was fast thinking, fast moving, and generally thinking out loud for ideas for her own wedding video when I was showing her samples of my work.  I loved the energy that she brought to our meeting.

She had that same energy when I filmed her Save the Date Video with her fiancée Kevin.  It was a gorgeous day to film and Sarah was ready to run and she ran a lot.  One of the funnier moments of the day was watching Sarah try to recreate one of their outings at the park and she just wiped out.  Kevin and I couldn’t stop laughing and we laughed for a few moments.

Sarah and Kevin are getting married on June 1, 2013 and you can view their wedding website at


Words can’t describe Allyce and Brady’s Wedding but I’m going to try in this blog post.  The one thing I remember Allyce and Brady telling me was that they wanted a fun wedding video and the fun started at the Rehearsal Dinner at Superior Grill.  It was one of the funniest rehearsal dinners I’ve been too and Brady’s twin brother Cory started the wedding activities right with an awesome best man speech.  You can view his speech at this link

Everything about Allyce and Brady’s Wedding was fun.  They were both laid back and calm throughout their prep and their wedding at Holy Name of Jesus was beautiful.  The reception was at the nearby Audubon Tea Room and continued the fun theme.  They had a photo booth which creates silliness and fun photos and had a band that just rocked the house.  I can’t say enough words how great Louisiana Spice was at the reception.  They totally rocked and I enjoyed working again with CheyAnne from Arte De Vie as she taking all her great photos.  Fun, that’s the one word that describes Allyce and Brady’s wedding and I’m proud to be a small part of their day.  Please enjoy their closing montage video and I wish nothing but the best for Allyce and Brady.



I remember saying to myself how photogenic Tanya and Darwin were during our mini-engagement session at her grandfather’s church back in April.  Everything went smoothly and all three of us knew that we were going to meet a few weeks later to do full engagement session at their park.

A few weeks turned into a few months as everytime we schedule the shoot, something would always come up and that was rain.  I have to say that this was one of the wettest summers in New Orleans and everytime we scheduled this shoot, it rained and we just couldn’t find a right time to shoot.  I was getting frustrated and I know Tanya was getting tired of having to reschedule this shoot, but once we finally found a clear day to shoot, it was absolutely perfect.

The skies were clear and we could ask for a more better day then we did.  Just as we did back in April, Tanya and Darwin were picture perfect in their smiles and were an absolute joy to work with.  I can’t wait till begin their love story video later this fall to be shown at their rehearsal dinner in March.  To view more from their engagement session, please visit our Facebook fan page at this link.

It’s not often that I get to film a wedding at my local church, but on Stephanie and Michael’s Day I was able to.  I attend mass at St. Francis of Assissi and have always wondered how good the church would look on film.  To no surprise, it was gorgeous for Stephanie and Michael’s Wedding.  St. Francis is such a pretty church and I was surprised to learn that my next door neighbor is the wedding coordinator there.

Stephanie and Michael had a great wedding at the church and their reception at the nearby Audubon Tea Room was exceptional.  Louisiana Spice provided great entertainment with their sound and it’s always a pleasure to work to Kevin at Creative Images.  I enjoyed Stephanie and Michael’s Day and one of the funnier parts of the day was seeing Michael get down on the dance floor to a Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and he even used a hat for his prop during the dance.  Fun times.  Please enjoy their highlight montage above and I wish Stephanie and Michael nothing but the best, they had a fantastic wedding day.

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