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Jami and Dale were my first wedding of 2010 and got married on January 9 at he the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Franklinton and held their reception at the Franklinton Country Club.  It was a great ceremony that saw Dale get emotional while reciting his vows and that was probably one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen or filmed at a wedding.  It was great and everyone had a awesome time at the country club dancing and socializing.  I had a blast working with the both of them and am equally proud of my Dove Crew for capturing great footage and photos of Jami and Dale’s day.  Below are highlights from their wedding including Jami’s gift to Dale at the rehearsal dinner.


Jami and Dale were our first wedding of 2010 and it started with their rehearsal dinner on Friday Night. We showed their love story video and then Jami presented Dale with his wedding present. He was shocked when he opened his present and saw an NCO sword. Dale is an ex marine and love his gift.

We then came back for the wedding at Hillcrest Baptist Church and followed it with the reception at the Franklinton Country Club and the whole night was a joyous celebration of the beginning of the life together.

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