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One of my favorite sessions to film and photo with my clients are their love story sessions.  It’s part two of the love story process here at DVB.  The first part is the actual interviews and the second part is usually filming some recreations from their relationship to edit into the actual love story video.  I had a chance to do with Caroline and Rob over the weekend in Baton Rouge.

One of the best things to their session was getting to film them at their gym during one of their bootcamp workouts.  It was fun and completely out of the box.  What bride and groom doesn’t wanna look fit and good for their wedding day, but most would be hesitant to have their videographer there as they didn’t look their best on camera.  Caroline and Rob embraced it and told me that bootcamp is a big part of their relationship and working out together builds their bond to one another.  I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in but I really enjoyed filming this session at the gym.


Once we left the gym and they got cleaned up, we did their second favorite thing to do together.  Hanging out at the pub and enjoying a few drinks.  I guess that’s why you work out, to be able to enjoy a few more drinks and to cheat a little at lunch and dinner.  Seeing Caroline and Rob together was a hoot and I could really see their love for one another.  This is the reason why I enjoying producing love story videos.  It allows me to get to know my clients and just to hang out with them.  I can personally say that I have become deer friends to clients who have done a love story video with DVB.  It’s one of my favorite videos to produce and watching them view the video at their rehearsal dinner is a thrill for me and my DVB staff.

I can’t wait for Caroline and Rob’s Rehearsal Dinner to debut their Love Story to their family and friends.  It kicks off their wedding weekend and everyone gets to hear the story of how they got to their wedding day.  Caroline and Rob are getting married on March 23 and their rehearsal dinner is the Thursday before.



Loan and Tot opened our 2012 Wedding Season with a spectacular day on January 7, 2012 in Baton Rouge.  I loved everything about Loan and Tot’s wedding day.  It started early in the morning with Loan’s Bridal Prep and went straight into the traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony at her parents home.



I really enjoy the tradition of the tea ceremony with the groom’s family coming to the bride’s home with food, gifts, and drinks.  It was a great sight especially with Loan becoming really emotional when she heard her brother and father talk about their love for her.

Following the ceremony at St. Anthony, they had a mini break in-between the start of the reception. Loan and Tot had close family and friends come back to their house for a family style lunch.  This was a great idea.  We’ve often rushing from the church to the reception hall, but this allowed us to take our time and take a breathe following the ceremony.

After lunch, we headed to the reception hall to get ready.  One of my favorite aspects of Vietnamese weddings is having the Bride and Groom greet every guest at the reception and take a photo with them.  This is wonderful idea and it allows the couple to see everyone at their reception.

Following the greeting of the guests, we have the introductions of both families by the MC and dinner.  The food was delicious and it prepared for the favorite part of Asian weddings that I love to film and photo.

With over 700 guests, Loan and Tot walked to each table to receive the gifts and hear table speeches for someone at the table.  Filming this is always a challenge and with over 45 tables, it was wild.  Along with the speech, the table also toast the couple with glasses of wine or shots of alcohol.  It’s a sight that you have to experience.  This was my third Vietnamese wedding and the thrill of filming and shooting the table speeches is a great one.

I enjoyed every aspect of this wedding and this was a great start to our 2012 Wedding Season

Lynsey and Brad held their rehearsal dinner at Broussard’s Restaurant in the French Quarter on May 27.  It was a gorgeous night and just before dinner, we debuted their love story video to their family and friends. After the video, both Lynsey and Brad came up and thanked me.  I still get humbled after little moments like that.

As you know from previous posts, we shot coverage of their love story in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  They both went to LSU and adore the school and campus. Out of everything I shot, I had more fun filming them at the Botanical Gardens in City Park.  Brad proposed to Lynsey there and when she described the proposal to me during our first meeting, I knew we had to go there and recreate it.  The proposal is my favorite part of their love story.  I had a great time at their rehearsal dinner and below are several pictures from their night at Broussard’s Restaurant

Brad and Lynsey are getting married on May 29, 2010. I traveled up to Baton Rouge this morning to start their love story video and the other videos that I have planned for them. Despite being a little bit cold, it was a picture perfect day on campus at LSU. Meeting at school and being alums, it was only natural to film them at school. After finishing up their love story interviews, we went to their favorite spots on campus and took great video and photos of the two. They are such a photogenic couple that every shot I took looked great and the footage was equally beautiful. I can’t wait to continue working with them and getting more shots and footage that we have planned in New Orleans and back in Baton Rouge. Below are a few of my favorite pictures from our session this morning.

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