I couldn’t help but smile as I listed to Erin and Bryan during their love story interviews.  If it wasn’t for their friends, they would have never meet and the rest you can say is history.  Out of everything I do for my wedding clients, love stories are my favorite edit to do.  It allows me to know my clients and learn the back story of who they are.  This was no different for Erin and Bryan, they had a great story to tell and I can’t wait for their rehearsal dinner to show their their love story to their family and friends.

After we finished with their interviews, we went out and took their Engagement Photos at Audubon Park.  Erin’s sister Paige met us out there and became my assistant helping me pose her sister and future brother in law.  I love mixing my videography with my photography and this was just a perfect day to take their Engagement Photos.  Not too hot. not too cold but a comfortable day to shoot Erin and Bryan.

hurst_riley_096One of the best parts of the session was towards the end when I asked Paige to jump in some of the shots and just “photo bomb” Erin and Bryan.  The shots came out perfect and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Erin and Bryan are getting married on April 27, 2013 and I can’t wait for their rehearsal dinner to debut their love story video.