Kevin and Stephanie were married on June 9, 2012 at Smilie’s Restaurant in Harahan and it was a great day for all their family and friends to celebrate their day together.  It was such a fun day for my staff and I and it all began when Ashley and I went to Lakeside to get Stephanie as she was putting on her makeup.

I’ve also enjoyed Bridal Prep as it’s the start of a great day to come.  While Stephanie was at mall, I had Jen and Janell go over to the guys house for his prep and it’s always a trip to hear what the guys are doing as they wait.  Kevin and his groomsmen were like any other guys as they hanged out and just drank the afternoon away.  They had a good time before heading to the restaurant for the wedding

One of my favorite moments to any wedding is when the bride arrives for the wedding.  It’s that one moment when her dad helps her out of the limo and your seconds away from the wedding.  For Stephanie, her dad rented a convertible for the both them and had a short drive from the house to the restaurant.

Once everyone was inside, the ceremony took place and it was a beautiful and lovely wedding.  Stephanie looked like a rock star and held back tears for most of the wedding, but tears are a good thing.  They were tears of joy

Once the reception started, it was a rocking good time.  Stephanie and Kevin’s friends knew how to party and dance.  I don’t think there was one time when the dance floor wasn’t empty.  It was a great time and I’m glad that my staff and I were a small part to their wedding day.  Please enjoy their closing montage above and some of their wedding photos here.  You can view more photos from Stephanie and Kevin’s day on our Facebook fan page.  Please click here to visit the page