I remember during one of my first meetings with Heather and Gary, he mentioned to me the Jager Gator.  It’s a dance that centers around Jagermeister and it was one of the most wildest dances I’ve ever filmed and shoot.  It was wild and one of the many highlights of Heather and Gary’s Wedding on November 19 at Our Lady of Prompt Succor on the Westbank and Generations Hall.

It all started off with Heather and Gary surprising the reception with an impromptu bridal party dance during the middle of the first dance.  This was a great start to the reception and it just kept rolling and rolling throughout the night.    Some other highlights besides the Jager Gator was Gary rapping on stage to Ice Ice Baby with the band, a touching speech by Gary’s bestman, and a second line that went up to the 2nd floor of Generation Hall and around.  It was a great night for Heather and Gary