I couldn’t be more happier with the way 2010 worked out for us at Weddings by Digital Video Breakdown. Everything that I hoped for, we accomplished and it benefited the people that mattered the most; our clients.

2010 was an incredible year that saw us film priceless moments. I’ve never forget our first wedding of the year when Dale broke down during his vows and started crying; the amazing dance that D’Andra and her bridesmaids surprised Buddy with; Timmy crying during every step that Jonee took coming down the aisle with her father and the look of Becky and Brice’s face when they saw each other for the first time during the first look session. These are the moments that stand out to me but there are hundred more that I could write about.

I could not have done any of this on my own and would like to thank my staff for all hard work and dedication to the craft of videography and photography. To Janell, Jenn, Emily, and Jen, thank you for everything and we will continue to develop new concepts and techniques for our client’s enjoyment.

I can’t wait for the start of 2011 as we will grow from everything we did in 2010. To everyone out there, Have a Happy New Year and below is a collage our my dependable staff working through the year. Many thank go out to Ray Taix of the Brothers Taix Photography for his great design on the collage