I had everything mapped out for Brian and Katherine’s Save the Date Video.  I had my shot list planned, their song picked out, and just about everything else good to go.  We start filming and everything looks great but something seemed off.  I had discussed my film plans with Katherine a few days before and she was good with it but mid-stream, we both decided to go in a different direction and I think the video we have above works better then what I had originally planned.

I had a blast with Brian and Katherine on this Save the Date session.  It was a easy and fun shoot as Brian and I go back to high school together.  His brother David and I were good friends in school and all three of us wrestled on the same team and hanged out a lot during the good old days.  It didn’t feel like work when I was filming them, it felt natural.  Katherine was easy going and everything flowed perfectly.  I gave them my input, Brian and Katherine gave their input and we were able to use all our ideas into their video.  I had a great time filming them and look forward to the other videos and photos I have for them leading up to the wedding day on April 1, 2011.