Lynsey and Brad held their rehearsal dinner at Broussard’s Restaurant in the French Quarter on May 27.  It was a gorgeous night and just before dinner, we debuted their love story video to their family and friends. After the video, both Lynsey and Brad came up and thanked me.  I still get humbled after little moments like that.

As you know from previous posts, we shot coverage of their love story in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  They both went to LSU and adore the school and campus. Out of everything I shot, I had more fun filming them at the Botanical Gardens in City Park.  Brad proposed to Lynsey there and when she described the proposal to me during our first meeting, I knew we had to go there and recreate it.  The proposal is my favorite part of their love story.  I had a great time at their rehearsal dinner and below are several pictures from their night at Broussard’s Restaurant